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Experience the 70th edition of Fourvière Nights in Lyon

The unmissable summer event on Lyon's creative calendar

Your weekend in Lyon is off to a flying start with the 70th edition of Nuits de Fourvière! The line-up of this oh-so-eclectic event includes circus shows, theatre, cinema, dance and music, all taking place in an ancient Gallo-Roman setting. In between shows you discover the capital of the ancient Gaule, its heritage and culinary delights. Let the show(s) begin!

Place Bellecour

10 a.m.: Breakfast on the terrace overlooking Place Bellecour

Early in the day, Place Bellecour starts to awaken, slowly but surely. You sip your café and nibble a croissant on the terrace of Café Bellecour. The main square of Lyon stretches out expansively before you. A few tourists mill around, taking photos of the equestrian statue of Louis XIV. On a picture-perfect background, you make out the historic Fourvière basilica perched up on the hill that gives the festival its name. Now that your coffee cup is empty, it's time to explore the city.

1 p.m.: Lunch at a Lyon bouchon

You treat yourself to a delicious Lyonnaise salad with bacon and egg in one of the bouchon eateries in the historic Vieux Lyon quarter. The traditional décor and checkered napkins remind you of the old France... Upon leaving, you think about your walk along the Saône: it's hard to beat medieval architecture under the summer sun. You make the most of the warm weather to explore the parc de la Tête d'Or. As your weekend in Lyon takes off, you entertain yourself by making out shapes in the clouds... 

7 p.m.: Enjoy an apéritif at place des Terreaux

With a glass of beaujolais in hand, you enjoy the promise of early evening. Your weekend in Lyon is already giving you cause to smile, and the first shows are almost underway. You order some marinated herrings for a 100% authentic local entrée. People seated at a nearby table talk excitedly about the concert they are going to tonight, could it be the same one you have tickets to? You feel yourself start to hum while looking out at the Bartholdi Fountain, in the heart of the place des Terreaux.

10 p.m.: Go to a concert in the ancient Gallo-Roman theatre

The concert of your favourite singer is in full swing, and you dance and sing along at the top of your lungs. Around you in the historic stands, there are thousands of other festival-goers from all four corners of the globe who have come to share this special occasion. Below you see the roman theatre of Fourvière, the stage, the musicians and the lights of this open-air club. When the time comes for the encore, the atmosphere is at its peak, and you start to wish your weekend in Lyon would go on forever...

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