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Your Perfect Date in Paris

Your guide to the ultimate romantic getaway

It is agreed almost universally that Paris is the most romantic city in the world, and has for hundreds of years been the sole destination for couples in pursuit of the perfect date or romantic weekend getaways. The city is modern, but with a firm appreciation of its past. Perhaps that’s what makes it the perfect place for couples looking to get lost in time. With the help of four of Paris’ most passionate fans, we set out to find the most romantic locations in the world’s most romantic city.

Alec Kasia

Alexander Lobrano - alexanderlobrano.com
Kasia Dietz - Kasia Dietz Instagram
Solli Kanani - solli-kanani.com
Lucy Dodsworth - On the luce

Alexander Lobrano, originally from Boston is now firmly gripped in Parisian culture and cuisine. He is the author of Hungry for Paris & Hungry for France and celebrates everything wonderful about French dining at alexanderlobrano.com
Kasia Dietz is the perfect guide to Paris’ more romantic places. As the author of loveinthecityoflights.com, her passion for the French way of life and love of her surroundings make her more than up to the task. You can also follow her adventures on Instagram
Someone else who couldn’t resist Paris’ enchanting allure is Solli Kanani (originally from Sweden). Now deeply immersed in the best the city has to offer, Solli’s journey through life has taken her to some of France’s most glamorous events, and far and wide across Europe to discover the continent’s true beauty, blazing a trail of stunning photography along the way.
Lucy Dodsworth has seen some of the most spectacular sights the world has to offer, so her praise of Paris comes with both experience and great consideration. You can follow her travels at ontheluce.com/ 

romantic restaurant paris

Romantic restaurants & places to eat in Paris

When you’re out to impress, only the city’s finest eateries will do and with such a wide, varied selection of foods, you’ll find the perfect location for every meal. Whether you want your date to be a formal affair or something more laissez-faire, Paris makes it memorable.
 “The absolute all-time most romantic restaurant in Paris is La Tour d'Argent, which is even sexier at lunch than it is at dinner. Sublime views of Paris, impeccable service, and now with new chef Philippe Labbe, the food is better than it has been in many years.” –Alec
“Belleville, the neighborhood where the famous French cabaret singer Edith Piaf was born and lived in, is just a short walking distance from Père Lachaise. There you’ll find a hidden gem, Parc de Belleville. This park is a nice and tranquil place for picnics while enjoying the spectacular panoramic view over Paris. The sunsets and sunrises seen from here are magical!” -Solli

paris landscape

Places to drink

A glass of France’s favourite tipple is the perfect end to any date, but you’ll find it even more quaffable within the country. French wine has always been celebrated for its excellence and in Paris you’ll find the widest array of varieties and vintages.  Finding the perfect drink in just the right setting is the ideal way to end a romantic evening or even to celebrate a successful romantic getaway. 
“Make your way out of the maze to 52 rue de Richelieu where you’ll find Verjus wine bar, open from Monday to Friday. Cuddle up in the corner with a glass of Sancerre and a few delicious appetizers or dine in their elegant upstairs restaurant (reservations a must). Following dinner, take a quick taxi ride (or jump on a Vélib’) to Île Saint-Louis for the famous Berthillon ice-cream, served in several spots along rue Saint Louis en l’Ile, and watch the sun set behind Cathédrale Notre-Dame. (Prepare for late pastel coloured sunsets in summertime.)
End your perfect date by crossing the river into the Marais for a stroll and a night cap in what I consider the most charming neighbourhood of Paris.” –Kasia
As with any stay in Paris, whether it’s for a week or even just an evening, finding the right hotel can make all of the difference, allowing you to completely relax and indulge in all of Paris’ splendour.

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