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The top 10 unusual places to visit in Toronto

Get off the beaten track in Toronto with 10 original places to visit

When we think of Canada, we often think of its vast expanses of wilderness and overlook its cities. Fancy exploring Toronto? It’s the country’s economic hub and is Canada’s biggest and most multi-cultural city. After reading our top 10 unusual places to visit in Toronto, you’re bound to want to pack a bag and jet off!

Iles de toronto

1. The Toronto Islands for a breath of fresh air in the heart of the city

It might seem rather contrary to head to the city just to enjoy the great outdoors! But moments away from Toronto's skyscrapers, you're right in the heart of protected parkland. The Toronto Islands are the perfect place to relax: take a stroll on one of the island’s many paths or enjoy a picnic on the beach as you gaze upon the city’s bright lights!
Take the ferry from Jack Layton Ferry Terminal from Queens Quay between Bay Street and Yonge Street.

2. A haunted walk around the Distillery District

In the heart of historic downtown Toronto, the Distillery District takes its name from the whisky distillery which was the centre of all neighbourhood activity during the nineteenth century. Why not focus on a rather unusual side to the area? Enjoy a haunted walk around the Distillery District! With plenty of trivia and endless ghost stories, guides will transport you back in time to the terrifying and exhilarating Toronto of yesteryear.
The Haunted Walk Toronto - (416) 238-1473 - www.hauntedwalk.com/fr/
Casa loma toronto

3. Casa Loma, the incredible castle of a 19th-century millionaire

98 rooms: too many? Whatever your thoughts, that’s the number of rooms Sir Henry Mill Pellatt requested when this incredible house was built. Having made his fortune in the hydro-electrical industry, he decided that he wanted to have the most beautiful house in the city; in the end, the house led to his ruin! Today, Casa Loma is a must-see museum.
Casa Loma - 1 Austin Terrace - Toronto

4. Inuit art, another side to Canadian culture

Although Canada is usually associated with Anglo-Saxon culture, it should be remembered that the country’s first inhabitants were indigenous people. They included the Inuit people who continue to live near the Arctic Circle. Discover their artistic talent at the Dominion Gallery of Inuit Art, an incredible tribute to the people of the far north.
Dominion Gallery of Inuit Art - 79 Wellington Street W, Toronto

5. Harbourfront Centre for quayside dancing, all summer long

Summer in Toronto (and plenty of other Canadian cities) means two things: sunshine and music. If you’re a fan of festivals and other open-air events, make your way to the Harbourfront Centre. Rumba, salsa, flamenco, jazz: there’s something for everyone and dance teachers are on hand to teach you the basics. It’s time to shake a tail feather!
Harbourfront Centre - 235 Queens Quay West -Toronto - www.harbourfrontcentre.com

6. Watch a Maple Leafs hockey match

In case you didn’t know, ice hockey inspires religious fervour in Canada! You’ll struggle to find a boy who hasn’t dreamed of becoming a hockey star: those that don’t make it are sure to be fans of their local team. Toronto is home to the Maple Leafs. To understand the Canadian passion for hockey, experience a game for yourself!
Scotiabank Arena - 40 Bay Street - Toronto
Chill ice house toronto

7. Chill Ice House, the bar where everything’s made of ice (even the glasses!)

Canada is one of the coldest countries in the world: in winter, temperatures can drop to -40°C. If you’ve always dreamed of experiencing the icy cold for yourself but have chosen to visit Toronto in summer, don’t worry! You can still go to Chill Ice House, a bar made entirely of ice, where a coat and gloves are provided on arrival. It’s an incredibly unusual spot.
Chill Ice House - 82 Bathurst Street - Toronto

8. Enjoy dishes from around the world in Kensington Market

Experience Toronto’s cosmopolitan side with a visit to Kensington Market. In the heart of the city, it’s full of bars and restaurants which offer food and drink from around the world: the Middle East, Mexico, Thailand, Hungary, Italy, Greece. It’s a veritable explosion of flavours!
Kensington Market is an open-air market between Spadina Avenue, Dundas Street, Bathurst Street and College Street.
Falaises de scarborough toronto

9. The Scarborough Bluffs for stunning views, minutes from Toronto!

When it comes to our top 10 unusual places to visit in Toronto, this might be our favourite! To the east of the city, the Scarborough Bluffs by Lake Ontario are some 65m high. They’re an ideal destination for anyone who loves rural, romantic landscapes.
Scarborough Bluffs Park - 30 minutes from Toronto by car
Chutes du niagara hiver

10. Niagara Falls, seen from above

You too can fly over Niagara Falls, just like Clark Kent in the second Superman film: but this time, why not try a helicopter? Enjoy the fantastic views of this natural wonder and the town of Niagara Falls, just 2 hours from Toronto.
More information on the Niagara Helicopters website.
Finish your stay with a panorama of the entire city: after our top 10 unusual places to visit, head to the top of the CN Tower for an unmissable view of Toronto!

Take on the CN Tower: it’s all a balancing act!

You have to visit the CN Tower, a veritable city icon. At 553m tall, it was the world’s tallest tower for a considerable period of time. Adrenaline junkies can opt for an Edge Walk: be brave and take a walk outside on a platform which is 356m (or 116 storeys!) high. But don’t worry, you’ll be wearing a harness, of course!
Edge Walk, CN Tower - 301 Front St W, Toronto - Book your tickets on www.edgewalkcntower.ca

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