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Singapore Marina Barrage

17 November 2020. Finding activities to do in Singapore? Marina Barrage is a favourite recreation site for families and friends to gather on a weekend.

Marina Barrage was officially opened in 2008 as Singapore’s 15th reservoir. It was created to provide water supply, as a flood control and an attraction site for locals and tourists. 
Built across the mouth of the 350-metre-wide Marina Channel, it is also a popular destination for water sports such as kayaking or dragon boat races.
With a large open garden space by the sea that brings strong winds, the elevated patch of green space can be accessed via a lift or a pathway that goes around up to the top, making the perfect spot for kite flying. 
Instagram-worthy! Here is where you can capture amazing shots of the Singapore skyline.

Did you know? Marina Barrage is a short walk away from Gardens by the Bay. If you are travelling on a budget, stay at ibis budget Singapore Emerald, just a 10 minutes taxi ride to the Marina Barrage.  

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