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Fun for Kids in Liverpool

Find the perfect day out for you and the kids.

Liverpool is one of the country’s best-loved cities thanks to its vibrant culture and love for playing host to world-class events and activities. Liverpool’s popularity isn’t just with adults though; people of all ages will find something to new love about Liverpool every time they visit.

child museum liverpool

Museums in Liverpool

Liverpool is home to a number of wonderful museums and it would be easy to spend a few days touring them all. The Walker Art Gallery in particular makes sure that the kids get as much out of their visit as the adults do, with the Big Art for Little Artists gallery brimming with activities to get  them crafting and creating. Alternatively the World Museum Liverpool has plenty of fun activities that will help teach kids about our natural world, featuring plenty of great exhibitions and a planetarium.  
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Walking Guides to Liverpool

If you’d like to show your children Liverpool but don’t know where to start, the Curious About Liverpool walking guides can show you around some of the most interesting areas of the city including art installations, museums and good places to eat. The guides are a great introduction to the city and choose routes that are friendly to pushchairs and buggies if you’re travelling with younger children.
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Parks in Liverpool

If you fancy taking the children away from the city to enjoy some open-air fun, Liverpool hosts some truly great parks that are sure to provide hours of relaxation and entertainment for all ages. Sefton Park is Liverpool’s largest at 235 acres and includes a boating lake and a large playground. If you’d prefer to do some cycling, the Wirral Way is a 10-mile-long cycle track and walkway with unspoilt view of the nearby areas with plenty of opportunities to stop for lunch or an ice cream.    
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Radio City Tower

Radio City Tower (sometimes known as St. John’s Beacon Viewing Gallery) stands an impressive 453 feet above Liverpool, offering great views of the city and beyond. The tower lets you get a bird’s-eye-view of Liverpool, Wirral and North Wales and on clear days, even as far as Blackpool and Snowdonia.
 The tower gets its name from the two radio stations that broadcast from its upper floors; Radio City 96.7 and Magic 1543, both of which you can visit during your trip. A café can also be found on the second floor, making it probably the best spot to have lunch in the city. 

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Beatles Tours & Museums

The Beatles appeal to people of all ages and there are a number of tours and museums in Liverpool that celebrate the fab four and their huge impact on the city. The Beatles Story is a museum that offers a great way to find out more about the band you thought you knew everything about, while The Casbah Coffee Club offers a good alternative, with guides by Roag Best, brother of Pete Best, the band’s original drummer before being replaced by Ringo Starr. Guides of notable landmarks including the Cavern Club and John and Paul’s childhood homes are also available. 

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