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Experience the Dubai Shopping Festival

in Dubai - United Arab Emirates

Celebrating its 21st anniversary in 2016, the Dubai Shopping Festival (DSF) is the largest shopping and entertainment extravaganza in the Middle East. Along with unbeatable deals, DSF is home to Guinness World Records, celebrity performances and plenty of amazing events to celebrate the emirate’s favorite pastime.

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Dubai Shopping Festival

In 2016, the Dubai Shopping Festival will celebrate 20 years of success. From January 1st to February 1st, the most vibrant city in the United Arab Emirates will, like every year, be transformed into a paradise for shopping aficionados. This larger-than-life tourist attraction is one of a kind and unmissable.
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A cultural and historical event

His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the leader of Dubai at the time, inaugurated the Dubai Shopping Festival in 1996. The main aim was to promote trade in the Emirates and make the city a tourist destination choice for families. The mission was accomplished: the first edition of the festival attracted more than 1.6 million visitors from the four corners of the earth. Today, 20 years later, Dubai has become the leading tourism destination and the festival is recognised as a major fashion and leisure event. However, apart from the good deals that most visitors seek, the Dubai Shopping Festival is also an opportunity to enjoy the astonishing fireworks, a highlight of the event; concerts by international artists; and shows, for the entire duration of the festival – in the most luxurious hotels of the world.
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The must-attend shopping event

The Dubai Shopping Festival is aptly named because it is THE shopping expedition for shopping enthusiasts from all over the world. For one month, the city will host the most prestigious international couture houses, such as Dior, Givenchy and Lacroix and over 2,500 shops will offer exceptional, dizzying sales on all their products, from ready-to-wear through jewellery to information technology, cosmetics and cars. The Dubai malls are known for their luxuriousness, their extravagance and the famous gold souk will also organise contests with prizes, each more fabulous than the last.
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The ideal opportunity to plan a trip to Dubai

If you have not yet discovered Dubai, the festival is the ideal opportunity to enjoy this unusual city. You can immerse yourself to the full in all the cultural activities, concerts and shows, the skating rink, the exceptional fireworks and fairgrounds – and, of course, the unbelievable shopping discounts – even at night. Climate-wise, the beginning of the year is also the ideal time to visit; the balmy temperatures, ranging on average between 24 and 28 degrees celsius, will surely attract those fleeing the cold of the European winter.
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World-famous for its uniquely opulent architecture, boasting the highest tower in the world and its emblematic palm-shaped artificial island, Dubai is a symbol of both modernity and extravagance. And if you get tired of the hustle and bustle, you could also take the opportunity to go on a magical excursion into the desert for a beautiful conclusion to your trip. You can also mix leisure, culture, and family activities by visiting Dubailand (also known as the Global Village). There you’ll be able to enjoy many shows and activities and to visit the historical area of Al Fahidi. And if you are looking for the ultimate experience, why don’t you spend the New Year’s Eve in the desert, under the stars ?

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