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10 Mixologists You'll Fall in Love with this Valentine's Day!

Ahhh Valentine’s Day. Whether it is for a lover, friend or family member – it is a day for affection. This V Day, Accor gives a toast to our mixologists who are making a splash all around the region with their unique creations! Introducing these 10 charming and talented mixologists who will make you fall in love again this Valentine’s Day!


Adam Duca, The Como Melbourne, MGallery by Sofitel

Born in Melbourne, Adam has been in the hospitality industry for close to 10 years, with previous experience in small restaurants and recently with bigger players in the hotel scene. His aspiration to become a mixologist was born out of love for working in  fast-paced environments. 
Adam has a passion for travel, spending a few months each year traveling to different destinations to sample and learn about the local drinks and cultural trends there to draw inspiration for his new creations. Make sure to swing by The Como Melbourne when you’re in Melbourne to watch this talented mixologist work his magic into your favourite cocktails!
Signature Cocktail: Adam putting the finishing touches to his signature drink: Gin Old Fashioned, a simple, strong classic cocktail.

Carmen Bisset, Beccaria Bar, Mercure Perth

Originally from Zimbabwe, Carmen has been working at various bars for the past five years and at Accor for the past two. After working in a few hotel-centric events, Carmen found her true calling -- to be a mixologist.
One of her favourite aspects about working in a bar is getting to meet people from around the globe. Using Australia as a background for her various creations, Carmen likes to make cocktails featuring tropical fruits that are refreshingly delicious, especially for the hot Aussie summer! Get intoxicated with this fresh-faced beauty and her fruity creations at Beccaria Bar.
Signature Cocktail: Made with mango, strawberry, raspberry liqueur and kraken rum, Carmen’s signature drink , Summer Fling, is one not to be missed.


Udom Chhoun, Head of Bartender, Elephant Bar at Raffles Hotel Le Royal in Phnom Penh

Born and raised in Phnom Penh, Chhuon Udom, joined Raffles Hotel Le Royal as a poolside attendant two years ago before working his way up to becoming a bartender, and now, he is the head bartender at the Elephant Bar. He’s taken part in competitions like the Monin Cup in 2014 and 2016, but considers his achievement at this year’s East Imperial Gin Jubilee his proudest one yet. 
Now the hotel’s head mixologist, he oversees all bar operations in the hotel, as well as creates exciting cocktails and mocktails for guests and events. A man with creativity and the charisma of a leader --- we can’t think of anything hotter than that.
Signature Cocktail: Step aside Gin & Tonic, here comes the Kaf Kaf & Tonic, a drink inspired by Khmer flavours and pays homage to the beautiful Cambodian culture and traditions.


Topesh Chatterjee , Head Mixologist at Pullman & Novotel New Delhi Aerocity

The Head Mixologist at Pullman & Novotel Hotel New Delhi Aerocity. Topesh Chatterjee started chasing his dreams of becoming a bartender at an early age of 20. His mastery of flavours and aromas in spirits leaves you wanting to discover more!
His signature drinks are  – Senses of cilantro, Amalia, Grasscooler, Indian sapores, Shanghai bell, Ananda brew and Grape year. If you are up for a roller coaster ride of flavours, you should definitely pay a visit to Pullman & Novotel New Delhi Aerocity!
Signature Cocktail: For those up for a ride of different flavours: Amalia - a tribute to Dona Amalia, Don Facundo Bacardi’s wife, the visionary who came up with the famous bat logo of the Bacardi empire.


I Putu Wirawan, Mixologist at Sofitel Bali Nusa Dua Beach Resort Hotel

Wirawan is an Indonesian-Balinese Mixologist, born and raised in Kuta, Bali, Indonesia. It was in 2010 he started as a junior bartender in Bali, before he decided to expand his skills as a professional Mixologist.
Wirawan was a Gold Medal winner at the East Coast Culinary & Cocktails Competition in the United Arab Emirates. Being tended by Wirawan is guaranteed to be a fun experience, as he can explore conversations from politics to the economic situation or even simple topics such as food and beverages. We can’t think of a better way to spend Valentine’s day than with such fine company.
Signature Cocktail: Fun fact - that beautiful shade of red that gives Wirawan’s Billabong Angel its signature look is from the red dragon fruit!

New Zealand

Clement Cujus, Mixologist at 1789 Wine and Jazz Lounge– Sofitel Queenstown Hotel and Spa

Clement’s journey to the world of mixology began in a small bakery in Toulouse. He then subsequently found himself in Scotland and New Zealand where he started working in restaurants to improve his English. He tried working at various restaurants in different positions before he became a bartender in a Michelin star restaurant. Clement found his true calling as a bartender when he realized he loves socialising, and creating new concoctions for his guests.

If a personalised cocktail is your thing, you should visit Clement to see what he can come up with!
Signature Cocktail:
If you ever want to know what is a cocktail equivalent of a beach holiday from the point of view from a New Zealander, Pure Marquise is the drink you should definitely try out.


Bannie Kang, Head Craftsman at Anti:dote at Fairmont Stamford

Head Craftsman at Anti:dote, Bannie Kang describes herself as the Singapore Sling: pretty and pink with a whole lot of oomph hidden behind the cute aesthetics. Bannie’s extensive list of achievements currently rank her as the Champion of the 2016 Bacardi Legacy Global Competition; and Asia’s Best Female Bartender for three consecutive years from 2013 to 2015. 
Though fantastically accomplished in Singapore, her winning cocktail harks back to her upbringing in South Korea. Hwa Chae a drink named after Bannie’s grandmother encapsulates the essence of her childhood in South Korea: a refreshing concoction of watermelon, sprite and strawberry flavored milk. We’re not sure if we’d love her delicious drinks or this pretty bartender more!
Signature Cocktail: Whole lot of oomph - Hwa Chae is Bannie’s signature cocktail. This delicious cool watermelon drink is topped up with rum, beer and citrus flavors.

South Korea

Joey Lim Mixologist at Megabites, Seoul Dragon City at Novotel Yongsan

Joey first started learning about wine and was interested to study more about the art of mixology. One of his favourite aspects of mixing drinks for his guests is to see the satisfied expression on their faces when he doles out his signature mixtures. If drinking G&T for Valentine’s Day is your jam, Joey is your go-to person.
Signature Cocktail: Back to basics - Joey’s Gin & Tonic and the Gimlet is perfection in a glass.


Remi Fernandez, SO Mixologist & Beverage Manager at SO Sofitel Bangkok

Remi has been in hospitality for 10 years and accumulated a speciality in beverages for 6 years. His inspiration to become a mixologist stems from his personality. Remi likes to socialise, he loves going to bars, hopping from one to another, checking out the happenings and meet new faces. 
He decided then that he’d like others to enjoy the lifestyle as much as he does, thus his career has become more than just a  job, it even went beyond being a passion, it is a part of Remi’s life and his DNA. If getting a drink and hearing about crazy stories is your thing, Remi is the person to go to!
Signature Cocktail: Feeling a little feisty? Let Remi’s Tigered Bourbon bring out the feline side in you.


Hau Duong, Mixologist at Hotel Des Arts Saigon

A passionate globetrotter, Hau Duong has been working as a mixologist for the last 5 years. The creativity and mystery element of mixology together with the beauty of Ho Chi Minh city constantly inspires this creative!
For Hau Duong, the city is a chaotic whirl full of contrast that breathes life and vitality to those that visit, and his drinks embody the spirit of Vietnam. If you are visiting Vietnam for the first time and looking to be swept away at what Ho Chi Minh has to offer, let Hau Duong’s mixtures show you what the city is like from his perspective.
Signature Cocktail: Rejuvenating and cutting-edge, #SaigonbyNight by Hau Duong is one drink you must have when you visit Hotel Des Arts Saigon.

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