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Kiwi Influencer Holly Estelle takes us to Queenstown

Inside Sofitel Queenstown’s Luxurious Penthouse No. 10

Discover Sofitel Queenstown with Kiwi Influencer Holly Estelle. She shares stunning images of Penthouse No.10 and her experience at this memorable hotel.

Elevated on the 6th floor of the hotel is the Penthouse No. 10. A 225 sqm “Parisian meets alpine” styled suite overlooking Lake Wakatipu. With its breath taking views coupled with a $2 million dollar overhaul, it is safe to say that this suite is creating some magnificent memories for the world’s most well-travelled guests.

The double black doors open into a spacious foyer, which features the first of two bathrooms. Walking into the main living area you are greeted with a colour palette of soft earthy tones, elevated with golden features, velvet textures and pops of contemporary design. I spent my first afternoon curled up on one of the generously wide cream couches, flicking my way through a book on Tom Ford, whilst peering up through the French doors every now and then to catch a glimpse of the impressive landscape that surrounded me.

The dining room comfortably seats a dinner party of 8 and features a bar complete with everything needed for a night of cocktails and soft jazz in front of the fire. The room is enclosed by thick draping curtains that should only be pulled once the sun is down and the view disappears into darkness.

I like how the television is left out of the main living area. It allows and encourages guests to enjoy the decor of the room with a focus on the landscape, mountains and lake that feature like art on the walls. The outside is truly part of the interior. The television is found in the second living area, a smaller enclosed movie styled room featuring a second fireplace, a lounging couch and ottomans.

As much as I could have easily hidden myself in the suite for the entire weekend, outside of its walls the hotel offers an experience just as extraordinary. We dined on Escargots, buttery Raviolis, Osso Bucco d’Agneau and platters piled with cured meat at Left Bank, a Parisian styled Bistro located in the lobby.<o:p></o:p>

I immediately fell in love with the wine and jazz lounge, 1789, as soon as I stepped foot through the glass doors and into its romantic atmosphere. During the weekend, the sound of live jazz from inside the bar can be heard throughout the hotel lobby. Friday night we listened to a women singing Frank Sinatra behind the grand piano and on Saturday night a gorgeous young man played renditions of some of my favourite songs, such as ‘Tennessee Whiskey’ on his guitar.

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