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Tour the other hemisphere

Six ways to experience life on the other side of the equator

If a change of scene isn't enough for you, then change hemisphere instead! Here are six ways to see life on the other side of the world. Here we go!

musée d'art sao paulo

See the masterpieces at São Paulo Museum of Art

São Paulo? Rio de Janeiro and Salvador de Bahia are so famous that you might not even have thought of it… And yet… Picture the scene. You step inside São Paulo Museum of Art and surprise! You discover a collection of paintings that you didn't even know Brazil had.
Works by Matisse, Picasso, Dali and Joan Miro hang alongside those of Diego Rivera, Van Gogh and Velázquez… São Paulo's burgeoning art scene has much to offer visitors.
gastronomie singapour

Savour world cuisine in Singapore

Under the tropical skies of Singapore, something else turns your head… Food! From Chinatown to Little India, alongside Arab Street and Geylang Serai market, Singapore has something to suit all tastes. So will it be Malaysian, Indian, Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese or Japanese?
After taking your seat in a Hawker centre, you opt for a chilli crab. This seafood platter served with a tomato and chilli sauce, sometimes with a hint of cumin or other spices, takes you far beyond Singapore… and on an indulgent round-the-world trip!
surf sydney

Go surfing in Sydney

A little exercise to burn off those excess calories? Dust off your surfboard and fly to Sydney. The heart of Australia's surfing culture is here. Whether you plump for Manly, Bondi or Tamarama Beach, the rolling waves are legendary.
Head into the clear blue waters and hit the surf. Once in the ocean, the power of nature gives you an incredible feeling of weightlessness. A very Australian way to enjoy a stay in Sydney!
vignobles buenos aires

Sample Argentina's top vintages in Buenos Aires

A twenty-hour flight later and you're woken by a tango rhythm. With its wide avenues and Parisian-style cafés, you could be in Europe. But Buenos Aires has something that no other city has and you can even find it in the wine.
Whilst the sommelier gives details of the wine-making process, the aromas of pepper, blackcurrant and red berries are already tickling your taste buds. With the Malbec, Cabernet and Pinot Noir freshly arrived from Mendoza, Argentina's wine-producing region, it's hard to pick only one...
romantique amsterdam

Unleash your inner romantic in Amsterdam

Swap your glass of wine for a pint of Amsterdam's finest beer! Here you are at the Port of Amsterdam, on the other side of the world… There are no singing sailors here, but lots of moored boats. In the canal areas, buildings dating back to the Dutch Golden Age cast their reflections onto the calm waters.
Which is the most impressive? You be the judge! Elsewhere, the city's many bridges bend over backwards to add to the romance of your trip to Amsterdam.
shopping camden

Enjoy an alternative shopping experience in London's Camden market

No time to experience underground Amsterdam? Make up for it during your stay in London. The next station: Camden Town and its iconic market. Head for the brightly coloured brick buildings and join the eccentrically dressed crowd. It's a real treasure trove of alternative and bohemian culture. It's a must visit location for any shopping trip in London.
Vintage accessories, quirky artwork and clothes that you can't find anywhere else fill the shops and stalls that line the cobbled streets. And who knows? Your future tattoo artist may be here somewhere, just waiting to see your design...

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