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Experience adventure and adrenaline

Five break ideas offering five shots of adrenaline

The world is a huge playground full of adventures and challenges waiting to be taken. Fly out to Marseille, Nice, Melbourne, Rio or Bangkok and remind yourself what it feels like to get that adrenaline pumping!

Calanques Marseille

See Another Side to Calanques National Park (Marseille)

If the traditional hike along the peaks of Marseille's Calanques National Park seems a little flat in your eyes, then approach it from another angle! Where better than Cap Canaille, Soubeyranes Cliffs or Calanque de Sormiou to try your hand at climbing? Just a short distance from Marseille, the stunning scenery captures the essence of the Mediterranean. Your qualified climbing instructor takes you higher and higher between sky and sea . . . You'll master the techniques that will help you go even further. Stay focused: spectacular panoramic views over Marseille's wild and rugged "fjords" are waiting at the top... You can do it!
saut à l'élastique Nice

Bungee-jumping outside Nice

The Nice countryside is also giving you the chance to see things differently. To test your head for heights, visit Pont de la Mariée, a bridge spanning Haut-Var Valley an hour from Nice. Legend has it that a bride once threw herself off on her wedding night . . . Moving swiftly on!
Today, the bridge is a hotspot for bungee jumping. Fans come here to get their shot of adrenaline in total safety. Just imagine . . . You're standing on the edge of the viaduct overlooking the Gorges de Daluis canyon. At your feet, 80 metres of fresh air (23 storeys) lie between you and the River Var. Your heart's beating, your legs are starting to buckle . . . and suddenly you're off!
deltaplane rio de janeiro

Hang-Glide in Rio de Janeiro

The problem with extreme sports is that they're so addictive. After the thrill of bungee jumping, how could you not want to go tandem hang-gliding over Rio de Janeiro...?
So here you are, 520 metres above sea level at the top of Pedra Bonita, the mountain overlooking the National Park that contains the Tijuca rainforest. Push off and swap terra firma for the carioca sky. Enjoy that wonderful feeling of freedom as you take in the views of the iconic Guanabara Bay all around you . . . Experience new highs during your stay in Rio de Janeiro.
plongée melbourne

Get Up Close and Personal with Sharks in Melbourne

Do the depths of the ocean appeal to you as much as the expanses of the sky? Now is your chance to find out in Melbourne. Head for Sea Life Melbourne Aquarium in the heart of the city's business district.
After an hour-long briefing, pull on your suit and dive in alongside a professional guide. Tropical fish, turtles, sharks: all the magical creatures found at the Great Barrier Reef are here—you won't believe your eyes. Luckily, your family and friends can capture the highlights of your stay in Melbourne on camera.
thai boxing bangkok

Try Thai Boxing in Bangkok

Has coming within inches of sharks made you want to improve your self-defence skills? Then head to Bangkok today. The plan? Trying your hand at Thai boxing. Much more than a combat sport, Muay Thai is a traditional martial art whose origins can be traced back to the Siamese army hundreds of years ago. 
Now a national sport, Muay Thai is an essential part of Thai culture. Your instructor will take you through the theory and practice that Thai boxing demands. You will learn to block, attack, defend and counterattack as the rituals dictate. Then step into the ring and measure your physical and technical prowess. May the best man (or woman) win!

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