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Bula! Blue! The Colour of Fiji

in Fiji

The enchanting Fiji Islands are painted in a blue hue by its water, skies, native sea life and even the country's flag and bank notes.Most people want to avoid feeling blue. But feeling blue in Fiji is a phenomenal experience that you can only understand by being here.

Nadi Hindu Temple


The warm Fiji weather usually provides azure skies and it’s a perfect backdrop to the Sri Siva Subramaniya Swami Temple. Only 10 minutes from our Nadi hotels, it’s a peaceful escape inside a buzzing city.
Denarau Island


Once you leave the city behind you and head out to our Fiji resort on Denarau Island, you’ll find that time in Fiji seems to slow down dramatically.You have now slipped into “island time”.
Fiji Day Trips


This slower pace of life allows you to enjoy the surroundings and explore it how you’d like.The Koro Sea is at your doorstep with easy access to a plethora of cruisy options from Port Denarau.Explore the other islands with a day trip charter and return back the same day relaxed.
Fiji Islands


In Fiji, daytrips are not a chore. Getting out into these wondrous landscapes, makes you feel like you’re the first person to ever be there and the turquoise blue painting in front of you has been brushed just for you.
Fiji Activities


These inviting, cobalt waters are the perfect playground.It is warm and clear beneath the surface, offering world class scuba diving and snorkelling.Jet skiing and paddle boarding are also popular surface sports that will really make you feel alive and truly blue.
Fiji Sunset


As the sun sets in Fiji on these blue days , it transforms to a magnificent indigo skyline that you will never forget.

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