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A Romantic Escape, Just Like in the Films

Four destinations made for two . . . inspired by the movies

Have you been swept away by love stories told on the big screen? Or would you like to visit the passion-inspiring locations featured in your favourite films? Rome, London, Paris and New York have all been the setting for some classic movies and are ideal destinations for your own romantic getaway.

vespa rome

Crisscross Rome on a Vespa, Just Like Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck

How about a weekend in Rome for a romantic trip? Definitely, and why not up the ante by exploring the city on an authentic Vespa. Immortalized by the legendary couple Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck in the film Roman Holiday, the Vespa (meaning "wasp" in Italian) has lost none of its glamour since it was launched in 1946. Not convinced?
Just picture the scene. You jump onto your Italian scooter and head to Piazza di Spagna. Go up the grand staircase leading to Trinità dei Monti Church, and you're walking in the footsteps of the iconic Princess Ann, played by Audrey Hepburn.
It's here that the film's heroes have a gelato. Well, when in Rome . . . City life - happy, bustling and carefree - continues all around you. It's like your in the film, but in colour...
notting hill

Fall in Love with Notting Hill

ABut if we're talking about romantic scenes in films, it has to be said that Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts set the bar very, very high. Will you be inspired by Richard Curtis's masterpiece Notting Hill to go one better?
Portobello Road, in the heart of the Notting Hill district, offers the most romantic backdrop for your stay in London. Its brightly coloured houses, antique shops and boho cafés are straight out of a postcard
.Far from the hustle and bustle of Oxford Circus, you can explore its flea market, which is bursting with colour and vintage finds. At 13–14 Blenheim Crescent, you spot a familiar face . . . At number 142, you find yourself outside the bookstore of the irresistible William (Hugh Grant)...
new york gratteciels

Let Loose in New York

After Notting Hill, it's time to fall in love with Manhattan, where plenty of romantic scenes have been filmed too. Let's start with Katz's Delicatessen.
Mr Katz, a Jewish immigrant of Russian heritage, had the smart idea of opening his deli here in 1988, in the heart of Lower East Side. It's now an iconic restaurant serving beautiful smoky pastrami sandwiches and hotdogs, both of which are considered among New York’s best.But Katz's Delicatessen is not just famous for the food - while you enjoy your sandwich, take a look around the room, which was featured in one of the legendary scenes of American romantic cinema. Read the plaque hanging over one of the tables: "Hope you have what she had!" Got it! When Harry Met Sally . . . It was here that Sally (Meg Ryan) faked an orgasm in front of a blushing Harry (Billy Crystal). Fancy recreating the scene?
butte montmartre paris

Walk in the Footsteps of Amélie Poulain in Paris

Less upfront but no less romantic, Jean-Pierre Jeunet's Paris, as captured in Amélie, takes you from Montmartre to the Canal Saint-Martin with a mix of poetry and games of hide and seek.
Here, you have all the time in the world to do the things that Amélie loves, like walking up Rue Lepic (to thrust your hand deep into a bag of grains at the greengrocer's), ordering a crème brûlée at Café des Deux Moulins (and breaking the top with your little spoon), stopping at Studio 28 cinema on Rue Tholozé (to watch the cinemagoers' faces in the dark), skimming stones on the water or having your portrait taken in a photo booth . . . In short, soaking up the sights and delights of Paris . . . You can almost hear Yann Tiersen's melodies fill the sky. And cut!

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