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Discover what Accor hotels in Berlin Lichtenberg have to offer! We have a number of great hotels, which cater to every budget. Our hotels in East Berlin provide the perfect starting point for your holiday. For cold war history lovers, our hotels are a stone's throw away from the Stasi museum. If you would like to try your luck, you could easily visit the Stasi prison in Hohenschönhausen - just make sure that you don't end up behind bars! The Accor hotels in Lichtenberg are situated within easy distance to Friedrichshain so coffee lovers can catch a train or tram and drink to their heart's content. If you prefer something more colourful and exotic, why not visit the Don Xuan centre, one of Germany's biggest Asian markets? Our hotels let you explore everything Lichtenberg has to offer, both day and night. Also, from our hotels in Lichtenberg you can easily travel to other districts in Berlin by catching one of the many buses and trains to other parts of the city. The Accor hotels in Berlin Lichtenberg cater to your every need. Take advantage of our numerous specials for early birds, our family rates and weekend getaway deals. We also have great offers if you are travelling with friends, family or on your own! has an exclusive loyalty programme, Le Club Accor, which allows guests to save up points for a free night's accommodation! Enjoy your stay in Lichtenberg in an Accor hotel.