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Insider's Tips for Toronto - Explore Toronto's Quirky Side

in Toronto - Canada

There are plenty of activities in Toronto that attract their fair share of tourists -- the CN Tower, Casa Loma, Toronto Islands … but Toronto is also bursting with hidden gems that are well worth exploring, too. Here are six unusual and unique experiences that will make you feel like a local.


Rush Lane a.k.a "Graffiti Alley"

Street art enthusiasts won't want to miss Graffiti Alley, a long and gritty back alley covered with art on the south side of Queen Street West. Bring your camera to capture the impressive murals of what is essentially a free and always open outdoor art gallery. You might even get to watch popular graffiti artists at work, as the walls are always changing.
bata shoe museum

The Bata Shoe Museum

An unusual space, solely dedicated to footwear, the Bata Shoe Museum will delight fashion lovers of all ages. Look no further to get your style fix and learn about the most desirable shoes in history. The 26-year-old museum strives to tell stories about culture, people and society through footwear, boasting a wide collection. Visit the website for all current exhibitions.
CN Tower

The CN Tower EdgeWalk

The CN Tower is the most popular building in Toronto, but strapping yourself to the very top and hanging 356m/1,168ft from the ground, is not for everyone! Thrill seekers will take up this wonderful opportunity to get their heart rate soaring, walking full circle and hands-free around the tower while enjoying the most incredible view of the city. If you don't think this is terrifying enough, night walks are now also available.
haunted walk

The Haunted Walk

Learn all about Toronto's ghosts and graveyards with a 90-minute haunted walk. You'll hear some of the most spine-chilling stories from the beginnings of the city, including unsolved mysteries, public hangings and the most haunted house in Canada, Mackenzie House, home to the city's first mayor. You'll never look at Toronto the same way again.

The Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library

Possibly the most fascinating library in Canada, it houses the rare and special collections of the University of Toronto. The library holds around 700,000 volumes and aims to preserve the collections while making them accessible to the public. Among its treasures are anatomical works dating from the 16th century, beautiful Alice in Wonderland editions and historical printings of Shakespeare's plays. The library also curates monthly exhibitions to showcase particular parts of the collection.

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