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Pullman St Pancras hosts #CoktailswithAccor

in London - United Kingdom
Fun and games during the cocktail masterclass

The stylish Golden Arrow bar, located on the ground floor of the upscale Pullman London St Pancras, played host to an exclusive invite-only cocktail mixology masterclass event in July. The attendees consisted of London lifestyle and travel bloggers who were given the chance to learn how to make different rum-based cocktails as well as understanding different flavour pairings work.
The evening started off with some champagne and nibbles as the attendees arrived, giving our guests a chance to chat about their latest blogging quests before getting competitive in the mixology class.
Some of our cocktail masterclass attendees hard at work

The first cocktail was named ‘Jump into Guatemala’ and was made from dark rum, amaretto, orange juice, pineapple juice and a dash of grenadine syrup. The second cocktail was ‘Rum Sour’ which a couple of attendees were wary to taste as one of the ingredients was raw egg white.  Nevertheless, Marcha assured the attendees that they wouldn’t be able to taste the egg and that it posed no danger! In fact, using egg white in cocktails is a common trick used to help create foam at the top when it is poured into the glass to be served.  
The third cocktail was a ‘Rasberry Espresso Martini’ – a must for coffee lovers. This cocktail was also featured in one of the evening’s competitions, as Marcha and her team chose who they felt had presented the cocktail in the best way. Congratulations to Anna from Anna Everywhere, who won restaurant voucher for two at the Golden Arrow for her efforts!  Marcha was also keen to make the point that the presentation of a cocktail cannot be taught and that it is the unique signature of whoever is making the cocktail. 
The final cocktail, the elegant sweet and sour ‘Basil Pullman’, was also linked in to a competition for a Golden Arrow voucher. This time, the cocktails were judged on taste to see whose creation was closest to the Pullman standard. Congratulations to Jessica from Maketh the Man for winning!
More happy bloggers enjoying the #CocktailswithAccor event

There was also a prize for the best social media photography from the event, which Giulia from Mondo Mulia won with a succession of wonderful images, some of which you can see on this page, along with shots from Atilla from Athos Photo. Giulia’s prize was a night’s stay for two at the Pullman London St Pancras with breakfast.
Once all the cocktails had been made, everyone was more than happy to drink their concoctions while enjoying some French cheese, cold meats and bread.  They were also invited to have a tour of the hotel where they could visit the 15th floor and check out the amazing view of London’s evening skyline.
Attendees agreed that the night was a great success, with all the guests enjoying their experience as well as getting to know each other. 
If you would like to take part in a similar cocktail masterclass with a group of friends, The Golden Arrow offers frequent classes. Reservations are accepted for a minimum of four people and the price is £35 per person, which includes a two-hour class with a spirit theme of your choice and a selection of light bites – perfect for a birthday celebration or a reunion! To reserve a spot please email: H5309-fb1@accor.com

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