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Kassel – the “Documenta” town With nearly 200,000 inhabitants, Kassel – the home of the Documenta – is the third largest city in Hesse after Frankfurt and Wiesbaden. The Documenta takes place in the city every five years for 100 days and is considered one of the world’s most important exhibitions of contemporary art. The first exhibition, in 1955, was launched by Arnold Bode and was mainly focused on abstract painting of the 1920s and 1930s. As a result, the focus shifted towards contemporary art. And thanks to the centrally located Accor in Kassel, visitors can reach not only the Documenta exhibitions very easily, but also many other sites in the city. Find a hotel in Kassel at Accor.com and discover the diversity of attractions Our comfortable and convenient hotels in Kassel are especially suitable for business travelers and Documenta visitors, who can easily travel between the two hubs, the showrooms and their hotel. Kassel – The Old City Center Although the former historic Old Town no longer exists in its original form, Kassel has plenty of other attraction, such as the Wilhelmshöhe mountain park and the Karlsaue park. The mountain park – which features the Wilhelmshöhe castle, Löwenburg and Herkules – is a tourist sensation. Since June 2013, the mountain park is also a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage site. Overall, around two-thirds of the city is covered with parks, and thanks to Joseph Buys and his 7,000 oaks project, Kassel has a very relaxing atmosphere. Anyone looking for spa treatment should take a look at the Habichtswald clinic or the Electorate of Hesse-Therme. The 600km Fairy Tale Road (German: Märchenstraße) which runs through the whole of Germany, also goes though Kassel. This road leads through places or landscapes related to fairy tales. And since the Brothers Grimm spent their childhood in Kassel and also used their hometown as the location for their first stories, the city definitely has a fairytale feel. That’s why you’ll find historic sites dedicated to them in Kassel – including the Brothers Grimm Museum. Kassel is also the birthplace of Germany’s first pedestrian zone – embodied by the famous “stairs street” (German: Treppenstraße) which features stairs and landings running down slope. The most important attractions of Kassel include: - Löwenburg - Brüderkirche mit Renthof - Martins Church and Karls Church - Fridericianum Zwehrener Turm - Druselturm - Kulturbahnhof - Orangerie - Baroque Park Karlsaue Also watch out for the varied exhibits at Kassel Museum – a must for any culture lover. And with the city’s many urban areas and green spaces in the neighbouring regions of Habichtswald, it’s simply a great place to enjoy your leisure time. Local tip: the inhabitants of Kassel distinguish themselves using Kasslern (newcomers to the city), Kasselanern (people born here) and Kasselänern – natives whose both parents are from the town too. Accor – the address for hotels in Kassel! Whether you need a hotel in Kassel or in another city, with Accor you get a range of benefits. For example, with the Le Club Accor loyalty card, you can earn points that you can redeem later in a hotel voucher. Early bird or families also benefit from attractive offer packages and discounts.