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A Tale of Three Cities: Amsterdam

The final step of her nine days trip across Europe
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Fritha Strickland is a Bristol-based blogger and shop owner. She also loves to travel! 

Amsterdam City trip

The final stop on our journey was Amsterdam, where we stayed at the newly-opened INK Hotel, which is part of the MGallery Collection of Accor hotels. Newly opened as in when we checked it in hadn't even been open a week! You would never have noticed though going by just how smoothly and professionally the place was run. This was probably our favourite hotel of the trip and we loved their attention to detail. All the staff wore custom design G Star uniforms matched with Clarks shoes.

I have to say that although I always thought Paris was my favourite city we really fell in love with Amsterdam. It totally won our hearts during this trip! When we were there last year it was only for two days and we left wishing we had been able to have a little longer to really experience the city. This time we did all the things we didn't quite have time for previously like hiring bicycles and riding around Vondelpark and taking a boat to the North and chilling out on the beach there.

Wilf was so brilliantly behaved the entire time and we were so lucky with the weather. We spent our last three days a little tired from the past week of travel and so took it really easy which was perfect. Tom is the planner in our relationship and often tries to organise three things a day when we are on a trip which is great when we are wanting to fit in a lot over a small amount of time but can be a bit tiring! With Amsterdam we broke it down to only one (sometimes two) things and it felt like a real break.

The whole trip was such an amazing experience for our family and visiting three cities one after each other is probably something we wouldn't have ordinarily embarked on. I'm so thankful we were given the opportunity to do so though as it was a trip we will never forget! We've not done a huge amount of traveling from country to country before and I always thought that it would be quite difficult but this experience taught us it can be done in comfort and style thanks to Accor!

Ink Hotel Amsterdam

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