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Would you love St Moritz Queenstown?

In Queenstown - New Zealand
blogger viola Welling

Viola Welling - GirlsLove2Travel

Adventurer at heart. Loves to explore the world in search of stories. Little bird singing a big song. Proud mom of travel boy Yale. #curious #active #winelover #girlslove2travel

“You might be a luxury traveller or a newly wed. If you’re not -like me- this place is the splurge you deserve. Maybe because you’ve got a new job, a new boyfriend or you decided to get rid of the old one. Maybe because the best time to celebrate life is whenever you can. And at Hotel St Moritz you sure can. Curious why I fell in love? I’ll tell you.”

st moritz hotel queenstown

Stunning Home away from Home

Do you know that feeling after you’ve been in a plane for more than 12 hours? As soon as you walk through the doors of St Moritz Queenstown, see the gigantic Aspen style fireplace and take two steps further, you forget everything besides the stunning view in front of you. Yes this is real. This is your home away from home the upcoming days and that feels Good (with a capital G!). Stay exactly where you are now, stand at the bar and after a long flight you deserve a drink. Cheers!

Reasons to love Hotel St Moritz

So you’re wondering why you should stay here. This is what I love, love loooooove about it:
1) It’s Designelicious!
So my friends lovingly accuse me of having mild OCD. I prefer to say I just seriously love great design. It brings peace of mind, and that’s exactly what I need while I’m travelling. St Moritz Queenstown comes straight out of a magazine. Even their breakfast looks like a place where Audrey Hepburn could grab a bite. It’s so cute and the view simply never gets boring.
2) Perfectly situated
Let me begin with ensuring you that when you travel to New Zealand, you don’t want to miss out on Queenstown. This area might be the most impressive and rich nature I’ve ever experienced (even after 60+ countries). From here you can go wine tasting (you should) or travel to Milford Sound (so worth it, pray for sun). Not only is St. Moritz in a great part of the country, it’s also in the exact right spot in town. You literally walk into the centre in two minutes and still have a view like you’re in Queenstown all by your self.
3) Cool staff
Yeah, I know. Most hotels have a helpful staff, but that’s not what I mean. I’m talking about people who look at their guests and without even talking to them, understand if they like a formal or informal approach. The kind of staff that are smart, witty and thoughtful. The rare kind *smile * that love their job and dare to share it with you. That love rubs of on your stay. Heart warming!
4) For Food lovers
When we 'met' the creations of the chef - who has shared his love for food with the guests of Hotel St Moritz for 17 years - it was love at first sight. And isn’t that what travelling is all about: trying new dishes, exploring new flavours, pairing it with local wines and topping it of with great conversations between you and your love (and perhaps share some kisses). They say love of men goes through the stomach, I say girls are no different (Who eat the world? GIRLS!)
When I think about our stay in St Moritz Queenstown, this quote comes to my mind:
“Life is for deep kisses, 
strange adventures, 
midnight swims 
and rambling conversations!”

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