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Craig Reilly in London

Through the crowd and the noise, the bright city lights and the roaring engines, Craig Reilly sees beauty in everyday life and captures it. His interest in photography first started whilst working for an airline, which gave him the opportunity to see many beautiful cities. After a few years he turned to street photography in search of something new and found inspiration for his early work in the photos of Cartier-Bresson, René Burri and Alex Webb. Today, Craig describes his work as being based on human interactions. He uses shapes, leading lines and sharp edges to capture fleeting moments of beauty in a city of constant movement.

Craig Reilly

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Shoreditch High Street
shoreditch high street craig reilly


I like to head into London just as it's waking up for the day. Watching the usually-bustling capital gradually come to life gives me a rare chance to capture the calm of this incredible city.

Pitfield Street
pitfield street craig reilly


Getting the day off to a good start is very important for me. That means a healthy breakfast - usually avocado and poached eggs on toast at Pitfield Café. They also do a delicious fruit smoothie: great for setting me up for a long day behind the lens!

White Cube Museum
white cube museum craig reilly


There are dozens of free museums and galleries in London, so I try my best to visit as many as I can. Not only are the exhibitions incredibly interesting, they're often great places to take photographs, like this one at White Cube.

Barbican Centre
barbican centre craig reilly


London is definitely a fast-paced city, but it has a calmer, more relaxed side to it too. When I want to take a little time out, I head to the Barbican Centre, where brutalist architecture contrasts with the peaceful lake, gardens and fountains.

Saint Pancras Neighbourhood
saint pancras craig reilly


I head out for an early evening walk under the changing sky, with dark clouds jockeying for position against the fading sunlight. As any true Londoner knows, the weather here can change ten times a day. There's no use fighting it: we all just make sure to carry an umbrella in case of a sudden downpour.

Lambeth North
lambeth north craig reilly london underground


After a busy day, I head home via the world's best public transportation system, the London Underground! Each station has its own atmosphere, making it easy to spot the popular local characters that add to the daily charm of London life.

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