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The top 10 unusual places to visit in Tokyo

Get off the beaten track in Tokyo with 10 original places to visit

Who wouldn’t be excited at the thought of a trip to the land of the rising sun? Just wait ‘til you find out more about the city’s top 10 unusual places to visit! The perfect combination of tradition and modernity, the vibrant Japanese capital is a guaranteed treat for the senses!

Geo cosmos miraikan

1. The jaw-dropping National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation

Japan is the birthplace of modern technology and its capital is the perfect showcase. Did you know that the CD-ROM, GPS, carbon fibre and the rice cooker (!) were all invented here? Find out about all these inventions and much more at the Miraikan, an incredible interactive museum on the artificial island of Odaiba.
The National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation (Miraikan) - 2-3-6, Aomi - Koto-ku -Tokyo
Bain thermal hakone tokyo

2. A relaxing onsen in Hakone

Hot springs (onsen) are incredibly popular in Japan! If you want to experience them for yourself, it’s best to leave Tokyo. Why not head to the beautiful town of Hakone? Just an hour away by train, it’s the perfect place to enjoy a delightfully zen experience. Book a room in a ryokan (traditional Japanese accommodation) with a private onsen. Utter bliss!
Take the train to Hakone (Limited Express Romancecar) from Shinjuku station in Tokyo

3. Watch a sumo training session

Sumo wrestling is unique to Japan, where it’s the national sport. Visit a heya, where sumo wrestlers train, and witness the skill of these incredible athletes. However, you must call the heya before visiting!
Tokyo Arashio Beya (for example!): 2-47-2, Hama-cho Nihonbashi - Chuo-ku - Tokyo
akihabara tokyo

4. Akihabara, the video game capital

You’ve already visited the Imperial Palace, been shopping in Ginza or Omotesando, travelled to Yanaka and seen the temple in Asakusa? It’s time to explore Akihabara! This district is the place to be if you love video games: an instantaneous way to travel back in time and re-live your childhood! Ready for some Mario Bros?
Get off at Akihabara station

5. The breathtaking views of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building

There’s no need to spend 3000 yen at the Tokyo Skytree to enjoy an incredible panorama of the city. Instead, head to the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building (Tōkyō Tochō), which offers a spectacular view of city from the top of its twin towers. On a clear day, you might even see Mount Fuji!
Get off at Tocho-mae station on the Oedo line (you’ll come out at the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building)
Hiboux café akiba fukurou tokyo

6. Step inside the crazy world of Tokyo’s themed bars

Tokyo’s residents know how to have a good time, although their ideas can seem somewhat unusual to visitors! Take advantage of your trip to Tokyo to visit a themed bar: an owl café, an Alice in Wonderland restaurant or the Lockup with its prison feel. There are plenty of off-the-wall options to choose from: we love them all!
Owl café: Akiba Fukurou - 67 Kanda Neribeicho - Chiyoda - Tokyo
Alice in Wonderland: several addresses in Tokyo, see http://www.alice-restaurant.com/
The Lockup - 33-1 Udagawacho - B2F Shibuya Grand Tokyo Bldg. - Shibuya - Tokyo

7. A trip to Golden Gai after work

One of our favourites in the top 10 unusual places to visit in Tokyo! Japanese employees often have a stressful time of things at work. After an intense day at the office, locals enjoy relaxing with a glass of sake in a bar or a local restaurant. The Golden Gai area has plenty of these typical venues. Join the crowd of Tokyo’s white-collar workers!
Take the subway and get off at Seibu-Shinjuku station or Shinjuku-Sancho station

8. Hanayashiki: Disneyland with a vintage feel

After visiting the Senso-ji temple in Asakusa, why not head to Hanayashiki? It’s the oldest theme park in Japan - the perfect place for you to unleash your inner child! Take a spin on the Bee Tower, one of the park’s most famous attractions, and enjoy the kitsch yet surprisingly touching decor of this theme park in the city centre.
Hanayashiki - Asakusa 2-28-1 - Taito-ku - Tokyo Asakusa 2-28-1 
Marché poissions tokyo

9. Tsukiji, Tokyo’s fish market

Foodies will love visiting Tokyo! In the mood for the most amazing sashimi you’ve ever tasted? Wake up at dawn and head to Tokyo’s incredible fish market, where freshly caught fish are thinly sliced in front of you. Delicious!
4-9-9, Tsukiji - Chuo-ku - Tokyo

10. Comiket, the biggest manga convention in the world!

More than 23,000 dōjin (groups of amateur fans) exhibit their manga and video games for 3 days at this twice-yearly event. The up-and-coming stars of the genre often attend Comiket, along with hundreds of thousands of visitors — many of whom come in fancy dress! So put on your favourite cosplay costume and experience Japan’s contemporary culture for yourself.
Comiket is held in Tokyo’s International Exhibition Centre. Tokyo Big Sight 3-11-1 Ariak - Koto-ku
Did you enjoy our top 10 unusual places to visit in Tokyo? Visit one of the city’s unmissable attractions before heading home!

Floating above the city at the top of the Tokyo Skytree

You’re bound to have caught a glimpse of it during your trip. At 634m tall, you really can’t miss the Tokyo Skytree! It’s the tallest tower in Japan and the second tallest tower in the world. Stand on the glass floor of the viewing platform: you’ll feel like you’re floating, 450 metres above Tokyo. On sunny days, you can even see as far as Mount Fuji!
Tokyo Skytree - 1 Chome-1-2 Oshiage, Sumida - Tokyo

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