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Christchurch to Akaroa day trip

This captivating day trip is easily one of the best things to do in Christchurch.

The glimmering gem of Akaroa hides on the other side of the Banks Peninsula from Christchurch. It’s one of our favourite day trips anywhere on this beautiful earth.

Akaroa Harbour day trip

Hello Harbour

Approach Akaroa by sea, and you’ll appreciate why the Maori named it the “long harbour”.
Christchurch Day Drives South Island, New Zealand

Day Drive

Our favourite approach is by road from Christchurch. An hour and a half’s drive flies by with views like these. Enjoy the journey.
Christchurch Akaroa Lighthouse

Cloudy Calm

Akaroa sits nestled in the heart of an ancient volcano. On a brooding day, the eruptions don’t seem that far away.
Akaroa town what to do

Sunny Settlement

This small, sleepy New Zealand town was originally settled by the French and you can still feel its influence which gives it a quaint charm.
Christchurch Day Trip

Boat Bach

There’s a quiet, magical beauty here. Even the boats have houses with a view.
Things to do in Christchurch

Beside the Seaside

As the sun sets, it’s time for our little party to head back towards the bright lights of our warm beds in Christchurch. Until we meet again Akaroa…

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