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5 Movie Landmarks of Paris

Being one of the most-widely filmed cities in the world, in Paris, each façade looks like it must have appeared on the big screen at some point.

Can you pick out where certain scenes from these famous movies were filmed? Come join me!

blogger Marion Carré

Marion Carré - Il était Paris

Marion is a Communications student with a penchant for history. Having adopted Paris as her own, she often meanders the streets of the City of Light in search of history-related anecdotes. Marion shares all her fascinating discoveries on her blog Il était Paris. (in French)

brasserie julien
Brasserie Julien

Which bar was Édith Piaf’s (Marion Cotillard) regular hangout in La Vie en Rose?

At Brasserie Julien, in Paris! This bar is nestled in the heart of rue du Faubourg-Saint-Denis, a place I love to explore because it is buzzing with life and is full of eateries and the aroma of exotic cuisines. When I walk into Brasserie Julien, I sense the vibe of all these little stories which make the big story all the more tantalising.

The real Édith Piaf and her friends were regulars there and would go and sit at table number 24 (not far from the boxing hall of Marcel Cerdan, Édith’s lover).

16 rue du Faubourg-Saint-Denis – 10th arrondissement, Paris

avaray hotel
Avaray Hotel

Where does Philippe Pozzo di Borgo (François Cluzet) live in Untouchable?

In the Avaray Hotel, a palacious apartment building in the heart of the 7th arrondissement. The film reveals to us a very iconic Parisian building that is as opulent as it is mysterious, and one that has always captured my imagination. When I pass by the striking façades of this building, I cannot help but wonder what may be hidden inside and if walls could talk, what would these centuries-old walls tell us…

The Avaray Hotel in Paris has been home to the Embassy of the Netherlands since 1920. Rumour has it that all the fees paid for filming there were donated to the international university campus in Paris.

85 rue de Grenelle – 7th arrondissement, Paris

lapréousse restaurant
Lapérousse Restaurant

Where did Serge Gainsbourg (Éric Elmosnino) meet Jane Birkin in Gainsbourg (A Heroic Life)?

At the Lapérousse restaurant (6th arrondissement). Serge Gainsbourg met Jane Birkin in this historic spot on the edge of the Seine. Along with Édith Piaf, Gainsbourg is for me one of the people who embody the essence of Paris.

The Lapérousse restaurant is one of those legendary places featured in a number of anecdotes, and I think that’s what makes it so charming. Housed in an elegant 18th century building, it has become a hot spot for the who’s who of Parisian literary and political circles, mainly for its excellent French cuisine and the intimate setting of its private lounges, making it also the perfect location for a romantic date.

51 quai des Grands-Augustins – 6th arrondissement, Paris

café des moulins
Café des Moulins

Which café was Amélie (Audrey Tautou) a waitress at in the hit movie Amélie?

It was the Café des Deux Moulins, located in the beautiful cobblestoned rue Lepic. I think it’s an unmissable stop for anyone making their first trip up the hill to Montmartre.

The thing I like most about the movie Amélie is that it depicts Montmartre off the beaten path: Café des Deux Moulins is a perfect representation of those hidden but charming parts of the Montmartre hill.

When I stop there to order a café au lait, I get the feeling that Amélie may walk out from behind the bar with a tray in her hands at any minute. The café hasn’t changed much since it was made famous by the film, although you will find items such as ‘Amélie baguettes’ and ‘Amélie crème brûlée’ on the café menu and in the neighbouring shops.

15 rue Lépic – 18th arrondissement, Paris

la tour d argent
La Tour d'Argent

Which famous Paris restaurant serves as the basis for the ‘Gusteau’ restaurant featured in Ratatouille?

The Tour d’Argent! This restaurant is perched on the 6th floor of the quai de la Tournelle and for me it represents a different facet of Paris, embodying the romance and gastronomy for which the French capital is famed. Ratatouille took a lot of inspiration from this restaurant—its cheese trolleys and its panoramic view that take away the breath of even a seasoned Parisien!

The Tour d’Argent restaurant is a must-visit, one which for centuries has been frequented by celebrities from the world over. The signature dish is ‘Tour d’Argent duck,’ invented by Frédéric Delaire in 1890. From then on in, Delaire decided to start counting the ducks served. The millionth duck was served in 2003, while Queen Elizabeth enjoyed duck number 185,397 in 1947!

15-17 quai de la Tournelle – 5th arrondissement, Paris

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