Aparthotel Adagio La Défense Kléber 4성

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Aparthotel Adagio La Defense Kleber
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호텔 추가 정보

  • Close to La Défense and shops

  • Spacious apartments

  • Private indoor car park

  • 24-hour reception

  • Fiber-optic WIFI

호텔 위치

Aparthotel Adagio La Défense Kléber

73 avenue Gambetta
92400 courbevoie

전화: +33156372000

팩스: (+33)1/56372020

체크인 시간 : 15h00부터

체크아웃 시간 : 11h00까지


  • METRO :  1 La Defense

  • 비행기로

    PARIS ORLY 26.01km / 16.16마일

  • 비행기로

    ROISSY CDG 35km / 21.75마일

  • 기차로

    MONTPARNASSE 12km / 7.46마일

GPS :48.894513, 2.249157

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호텔 및 주변 지역 서비스

체크인 시간 : 부터 - 체크아웃 시간 : 까지


  • 주차장
  • 휠체어 통행 가능 호텔
  • Wi-Fi
  • 조식
케이터링 서비스
  • 레스토랑 0개
  • 바 0개
  • 스낵 및 음료수 자판기
    • Snack and beverage machine 유료
  • 조식
    • Buffet
  • 휠체어 통행 가능 호텔
호텔 서비스 및 장비
  • 호텔 정보
    • 객실 56개
    • 장애인 편의 객실 5개
    • 패밀리룸 19개
    • 커넥팅 룸 52개
    • 금연 객실 91개
    • 14 플로어
  • 호텔에서 이용 가능한 언어
    • Arabic
    • English
    • Spanish
    • French
  • 세탁/발레 파킹 서비스
    • Laundromat
    • Dry cleaning / Ironing
  • Wi-Fi
    • WiFi in the communal areas
    • WiFi at the hotel
  • 거동이 불편한 고객용 시설
  • 100% 금연 호텔
  • 다리미
    • Iron at reception
객실 이용
  • Parking Payant 유료
    • Near the property
  • parking payant 유료
    • On site


Studio for two people

장애인 객실
  • 최대 인원: 2
  • 면적: 최저 시작가 26 / 280 sq ft
  • 전망: 공원 전망, 전경 전망 *
  • 가장 많은 숙소: BALCONY *

이용 가능 여부에 따라

  • Wireless internet in your room
  • Satellite/cable colour TV
  • Business Desk
  • Direct dial telephone

Aparthotel Adagio La Défense Kléber 고객 리뷰

100% 인증된 실제 투숙객 리뷰

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ALL 평가 3.9/5

888 리뷰

TripAdvisor 평가 3.5/5

209 리뷰

A bit disappointed

트립어드바이저 평점 2.0/5

patriciaka2020 12/08/2020 TripAdvisor 인증 리뷰

I've been used to great service at Adagio in general and specifically at Kleber, but not this time. I was unable to have a quiet/decent night of sleep 5 nights in a row - out of the 9 of my stay. Whereas the hotel was contacted every night regarding the noise from the upstairs room. The issue was only addressed the 6th night, following a detailed complain email. Having stayed there several times within the past 3 weeks (back every 2 to 3 days) to get some quiet time, when I live only a few minutes away from that hotel and being on top of that a silver ALL member, I would have expected more reactivity. Customer service is key in this time, especially with the given sanitary situation and people choosing specific hotels over others and their deals is because of an expectation of standard. ALL/Accor seems to be failing to understand this lately. When a member of ALL customer service France tells you she can't send you an email because her shift is ending and she has to leave or that 2 weeks later, after you follow up on the request, for that same representative to candidly and with nonchalance bring you back - as a solution - to the very first step you did 4 weeks prior, so literally not addressing your issue, you can only wonder why you spend your money in this group if your investment and loyalty is not valued? Anyhow, back to Kleber and its amenities - past the lack of reactivity this time regarding the noise and lack of sleep. - The rooms are nice with sunny balconies, which are always a definite plus for this hotel. The other Adagio in the area, except for Puteaux, do not have balconies. Furthermore, Puteaux's adagio's balconies are not sunny. - The COVID sanitary rules are followed. It is advised 2 people at a time in the elevator. Some people do not wear masks and would want to squeeze in with you. In my case, I just left them the elevator and waited for the next one. Hydroalcoholic gel is available at the entrance. It could be nice to have it on every floor too. - Breakfast is not worth it, at this time, if you're there for a long stay. For a weekend, why not? Otherwise, I would advise skipping it until healthier choices are suggested (adagio normally serves really nice scramble eggs with ham and bacon, fruits, freshly pressed orange juice). Right now, it is only sugary food (cake, brioche, packaged orange juice). For 15 euros, you have plenty of choices around the hotel - supermarkets, restaurants to cook yourself, be delivered or for takeaway


트립어드바이저 평점 1.0/5

martes111201 Family - 01/05/2019 TripAdvisor 인증 리뷰

When you stay in Accor hotels you expect some minimum standards to be fulfilled. This place simply doesn't reach a minimum. Reception, corridors, and the room were EXTREMELY DIRTY. Only the old woman at the breakfast was professional. The rest of the staff we met seemed to be there on holiday...

Old and unkept no air conditioning.

트립어드바이저 평점 1.0/5

BenoitAGuangzhou Family - 13/05/2018 TripAdvisor 인증 리뷰

I have been a long term user of Accord branded hotel, it was my first time in an Adagio Appart Hotel (rated 4 stars in France) and it was the first time too that I was so disappointed in a hotel stay. I was travelling with my wife, my In Laws, my Parents and my twos children of 2 years old and 2 months old. I stayed on the 14th floor (apparently the biggest apartment in the hotel) First point getting in the room, the installation are really aged, bordering on dirty and worn out, carpets are in bad need of a deep cleaning and in the toilets the plinth are cracked and starting to fall apart. The water system is inefficient with either very cold water with lot of debit or very hot water with little to no debit and water pressure, it was really difficult to get in the shower and worst to get the babies to get a bath. The second and worst was the temperature in the room. The hotel was advertised as having an air cooler. Little did i know that it was impossible to switch on on our own. On the first night it was very difficult for the babies and the adults to get some sleep as the room temperature was way too high on the top floor. I complained many times but to no avail as it was a collective air cooler and the management decided that it was not hot enough to switch it on. I send many email to reception and management to to get answered the same. Management offered no solution others than invite us for breakfast for one day which i found quite offensive as i already paid for all the breakfasts for the length of the stay (felt like the manager did not even bother to look at my file before offering us this meagre compensation). Finally the front desk lady as i was leaving and told her that i prepaid for the breakfast offered a rebate on the car park for one car (a total of 45 euros). Just to had to the insult, the offered compensation breakfasts for our family of 6 adults were retailed at 12 euros per person so we were offered 72 euros by management but got a rebate of only 45 euros at the end. In the meantime by speaking with maintenance staff from the hotel on site they told me that they could switch on the cooler by themselves but the manager in his mail told that it was to be done on a certain date by an external company and only if the building's internal temperature was more than 20 degrees. I did not bring a thermometer but i know for a fact that the temperature was way higher than this. All this resulted in a very poor stay as my 2 kids and us could .

Great Location - Needs some updating

트립어드바이저 평점 4.0/5

PhoenixAF24 Family - 09/03/2018 TripAdvisor 인증 리뷰

This was the first time we stayed at an Aparthotel. I will definitely be staying in one again. While the location was great (a bus stop that goes to La Defense was right outside of the hotel), the furnishings could do with a little bit of an update as a number of items were showing wear and tear.

고객 평점 1.5/5

익명 가족 - 11/06/2015 전체(All) 통지 확인

위치는 좋았지만 다른 모든건 최악이었다 1. 룸은 너무 낡고 냄새가 아주 심하게 났다. 우리 가족은 쉬고싶어도 냄새때문에 들어가지 못하고 밖에서 더 오래 머물렀다 2. 리셉션 직원들의 근무태도가 아주 엉망이었다. 소극적이고 불친절하다. 지나가면 인사는 커녕 무표정이다. 고객의 요구에 납득할 만한 설명없이 호텔의 정책만을 주장한다 ( 5 일 투숙기간동안 화장실 휴지 2개준다 타월도 5개뿐이다. 우린 5명이다. 리셉션 직원은 호텔정책을 잔소리하듯 말하고 선심쓰듯 휴지2개만 더줬다. 내가 하는 말은 들으려고 하지도 않았다- 매년 수많은 호텔을 이용했지만 이런 경험은 처음이다- ) 3. 실내 주차장 이용이 아주 불편하다. 키1개로 모든 투숙객이 이용하는것같다. 이용할때마다 그 불쾌하 리셉션에 2 번이나 들려야한다

Spacious but window locks needed

트립어드바이저 평점 4.0/5

toni278 Family - 03/01/2015 TripAdvisor 인증 리뷰

Spacious, pleasant, good value. However, please make the bedroom windows more secure for families with children - no window lock and minimal barrier outside window. Also, more cutlery and crockery needed. We kept having to wash up in the middle of meals as there was not enough.

Dear Customer, Thank you for taking the time to send us your comments. I would like to apologise for the inconvenience you experienced during your stay. We attach a great deal of importance to correcting any errors that occur, with a view to enhancing our quality standards and customer satisfaction levels, and your remarks regarding the kitchen equipment have therefore been duly noted. We shall make every effort to remedy these problems and ensure that your next stay with us proceeds smoothly. Kind regards,

Room with Kitchen

트립어드바이저 평점 3.0/5

WillyS122 Family - 01/09/2014 TripAdvisor 인증 리뷰

When we checked in at around 11pm, the reception was abit confuse with our payment details of the room. We took 2 rooms and both are identical. The room has a smell but bearable. Rooms rate are pricey without breakfast. There is a bread shop about 5-10 minutes walkling distance from the Hotel open around 8am. No restaurant nearby and the closest one open after 11pm is actually Mc Donald. The room has microwave and stove. But we did not know how to operate it (Not written in English) . The kettle in our room was not working well. Overall to stay for a night is ok.

Dear Customer, Thank you for taking the time to send us your comments. First of all, I would like to apologise for the inconvenience you experienced during your stay. We attach a great deal of importance to correcting any errors that occur, with a view to enhancing our quality standards and customer satisfaction levels, and your remarks regarding the smell in the apartment and the missing practical notice in English for the equipement have therefore been duly noted. We shall make every effort to remedy these problems and ensure that your next stay with us proceeds smoothly. Kind regards,

Space for a family but smelly and definitely not 4 star!!

트립어드바이저 평점 2.0/5

smooch4u Family - 27/07/2014 TripAdvisor 인증 리뷰

We stayed here as a family of 5 because we wanted an apartment style place for our holiday in Paris. It comes with a small kitchen, rooms, and beds for 5 people. We were disappointed by the smell in the rooms and especially the stale cooking smell corridor. The carpets were very worn, dirty, and the bedsheets in one room smelt like it hadn't been changed. The 2 bedroom apartments were actually 1 bedroom apartments with a common entrance door. There was space for us to sit on the lounge to watch TV. However, one of the rooms air conditioner didn't work and we kept telling the reception who told us that someone was coming to fix it but it wasn't attended to until our last day! We kept complaining and in the end the hotel gave us a discount on our hotel price (hence the rating improved from terrible to poor). The pull out sofa bed is very narrow and half a size of a single bed. We didn't have enough towels on the first night and I went down to reception but they said we couldn't get one until the next day. There were no floor mats/towels in the bathroom so you had to be careful stepping out of the bath-shower or else you would slip on the wet floor. The shower was narrow, and would be very difficult to shower in if you were tall, but fortunately we could just fit in. The laundry room is in the basement and you need to get in early / late at night to use it as 1 of the machines was broken down during our stay and there was a long queue to use the 1 remaining machine. The TV reception was poor and we couldn't get the european channel to watch the world cup so we had to go to a pub to watch any world cup games (unless France was playing then it would be on a local station). The room lights are very dim. The kitchen is adequate but very narrow, only 1 person can fit in at a time, and there is a dishwasher, small microwave combined oven a stove to cook. La defense is the last metro station on that metro line and then its about a 10 minute walk from the metro to the place. The reception staff kept saying they would fix things but it didn't happen so they were kind enough to reduce our room rates at the end when we checked out. I would stay again if they cleaned it up, improved the cleanliness of the rooms, and fixed the things that were broken.

Dear Customer, Thank you for your comments. We were extremely sorry to learn that you were disappointed with the quality of our establishment, and in particular with the standards of the facilities and upkeep of your apartment. Please accept our sincere apologies. We would like to assure you that the necessary measures have been taken with our technical manager and our housekeeper in order to improve the quality of the service we provide. We hope to have the pleasure of seeing you again at the Adagio La Défense Kléber. Best regards

Not without challenges

트립어드바이저 평점 3.0/5

FrequentTraveller921 Business - 07/10/2013 TripAdvisor 인증 리뷰

The concept is fine. The execution was lacking in some important areas : 1) The bedding, particularly the pillows, were from another century 2) The towels, likewise 3) The internet was unreliable 4) The front desk is dark and unwelcoming 5) The noise from other studios and the road was at quite a high level 6) The shower was pathetically weak Not great value for money if you look at the prices.

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