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이비스 버젯 세인트 피터스
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이비스 버젯 세인트 피터스

178 Princes Highway
2044 시드니

전화: +61295190685

팩스: (+61)2/95190684

체크인 시간 : 14h00부터

체크아웃 시간 : 10h00까지

  • 비행기로

    SYD 8km / 4.97마일

  • 비행기로

    SYDNEY 6.44km / 4마일

GPS :-33.914254, 151.178036


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스탠다드룸 - 퀸사이즈 베드 1개(거동이 불편한 고객 이용 불가)

  • 최대 인원: 2
  • 면적: 최저 시작가 13 / 140 sq ft

스탠다드룸 - 싱글 베드 2개

  • 최대 인원: 2
  • 면적: 최저 시작가 13 / 140 sq ft

스탠다드룸 - 킹사이즈 베드

  • 최대 인원: 2
  • 면적: 최저 시작가 13 / 140 sq ft

스탠다드룸 - 퀸사이즈 베드 1개, 싱글 이층 베드 1개

  • 최대 인원: 3
  • 면적: 최저 시작가 13 / 140 sq ft

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2,728 리뷰


TripAdvisor 평가 3.0/5

624 리뷰

cheap, clean, quiet, nice

트립어드바이저 평점 5.0/5

Yg_Pa 24/03/2021 TripAdvisor 인증 리뷰

cheap, clean, quiet, nice. Apparently this review is required to be a minimum of 200 characters, and I still have almost a hundred to go, so I shall prattle on and on such until I reach the required number

Thank you for your feedback Yg_Pa, it sounds like the hotel met your needs perfectly! Kind Regards, Roya

Budget hotel lacking even in basics

트립어드바이저 평점 1.0/5

SmartTraller 05/03/2020 TripAdvisor 인증 리뷰

Check-in was warm and pleasant. Staff interactions were always met with smiles and courtesy. The hotel was however very run down. The lamp under the tv had broken off years before and was tucked away under the TV and fell out on the first day when we grabbed the TV remote from its pocket. There were no toiletries, bar five sheets of toilet paper and a tiny bar of soap. We went and bought our own as reception is shut almost all of the time. Two flat pillows were provided, but staff provided more on the second day upon request. The AC never worked. Seemed it was on a timer to save energy or had a faulty fuse. It turned itself off after 20 minutes on the first day and never turned back on for the remaining three nights. No privacy with the windows opening straight up to the KFC drive-thru on ground floor. Couldn't leave the window open for fresh air for fear our stuff could be stolen by someone reaching in. Curtain was left drawn the whole stay. Bathroom was smaller than a cruise ship cabin bathroom. Toilet saturated when having a shower and nowhere to put the toiletries we purchased. No hand towels are provided, so had to walk backwards and forwards from sink to bathroom where towels hung. Housekeeping commence around 6am, so you are woken each morning by vacuums and slamming doors. If that didn't wake you up, the crows outside fighting over leftover KFC or McDonald's did. The hotel was sandwiched between the KFC and McDonald's, with access to the hotel via the KFC drive-thru. I honestly should have looked online for Street view before booking. The door to the shower was mouldy and severely water damaged. It looked like it was made of MDF, which swells up when wet. Not the most ideal or hygienic door for a shower. The fruit flies throughout the room and the marks on walls and a build-up of dust were the last straw. We understand that this was not a premium service, and I've noticed the manager's usual response is to stay somewhere else to similar reviews. However the basics were not even closely met, therefore this stay didn't even meet the basics promised.

Thank you SmartTraller for taking the time to share your feedback regarding your recent stay at the hotel. The hotel Reception is closed between the hours of 10am-12pm, then 10pm until 7am. When requesting for the towels, we would have loved the opportunity to discuss your comments during the time you were here as it would have given us the opportunity to try fix these issues. We also do have a phone number number you can call which myself and the team would have happily assisted to ensure your stay was comfortable as it is our main priority for all of our guests. I will bring your feedback up with McDonald's management as you are possibly hearing their gardening at that time of the morning as our team does not start until 9am. Our responses suggesting to stay at another hotel is more in terms of the layout of the hotel as an ibis Brand as most guest do arrive to the hotel expecting an ibis and not an ibis Budget. I am sorry that the hotel did not meet your expectations and I do wish we had the opportunity to talk throughout your stay regarding the comments you have mentioned. Thanks again for sharing and I will discuss your feedback with our team. Kind Regards, Roya

Good value and convenience

트립어드바이저 평점 4.0/5

Sian W Business - 23/02/2020 TripAdvisor 인증 리뷰

The accommodation met my expectations and was good value. Convenient location for my purposes and had the bonus of hot chocolate included in the tea and coffee making supplies. No elevator, so struggled a bit with my bag up and down the stairs, but the room was clean and comfortable, even if the layout was a little odd (sink in living area).

I am very delighted to read that the hotel met your expectations s_maisondeau! We hope to welcome you back in the future. Kind Regards Roya

Its the worst Ibis Budjet hotel i ever stayed

트립어드바이저 평점 2.0/5

helen0286 Couples - 01/01/2020 TripAdvisor 인증 리뷰

The Queen Bed is comfy, bed side tables are terrible. I was staying in room no 234. The fridge door is not sealing properly after putting stuff. The water kettle is not cleaned properly. There is no cuborad to hang your clothes. The wash basin inside the room sucks. The Shower is terrible. There is no shower curtain, so you spill water everywhere while taking shower. There is no place to put shampoo in the shower. Total stay was poor. Very very bad. The Ibis budjet in Melbourne CBD was good. But never expect something this kind from a reputable brand like yours.

Thank you for your feedback helen0286, I am sorry the hotel did not meet your expectations. The layout of the room is a concept which was rolled out majority of the ibis Budgets. I understand some of the ibis Budgets do not have this concept which have been recently changed due to renovations that have happened in recent years, and I hope soon we can be one of them in the future. I wish the kettle and the fridge were brought to our attention during your time here as we would have loved to rectify these issues during your stay. Kind Regards, Roya

Our stay in Oz

트립어드바이저 평점 5.0/5

MrandMrsRichards Couples - 17/12/2019 TripAdvisor 인증 리뷰

A basic budget hotel which was more than adequate for our needs. A brilliant location as it was only 10 minutes walk to the train station to get into the city. Room was always clean and tidy and the bed was comfortable. Staff were always helpful and very friendly. Breakfast was basic but a welcome start to the day.

Sounds like the hotel met your needs perfectly MrandMrsRichards. It was lovely having you both stay with us! Kind Regards, Roya

Getting close

트립어드바이저 평점 3.0/5

Mick H Business - 14/12/2019 TripAdvisor 인증 리뷰

This stay was one of my better ones.....BUT, whilst trying to enjoy a short sleep in opportunity, sadly, the cleaning team held a loud and long discussion at my door. I rarely get the opportunity for a bit of time to lie in and this visit, sadly, I was robbed of that.

I am so sorry that you were inconvenienced by the Housekeeping staff. This has been addressed with them. Kind Regards, Roya

A Weekend of Comfort

트립어드바이저 평점 5.0/5

fd12019 Solo travel - 29/08/2019 TripAdvisor 인증 리뷰

So I chose to stay at this Hotel for the second time whilst taking a little escapade in Sydney. The room was spacious with a well plushed and soothing bed, air con and mini en-suite. Reception was a breeze coming in and was not a hassle. The hotel isn’t too far from St Peters Railway Station (15 minutes walk from hotel) with direct access to the City within 15 minutes!

It's ibis afterall

트립어드바이저 평점 2.0/5

Chris F Solo travel - 14/08/2019 TripAdvisor 인증 리뷰

You can't expect luxury at ibis. Room was small and basic. Modular bathroom. No fridge. All as you would expect at cheap ibis. But pissed off that I left my phone charger plugged in the wall and when I went back for it they claim it wasn't there.

The property is a bit tired

트립어드바이저 평점 3.0/5

Mick H Business - 14/07/2019 TripAdvisor 인증 리뷰

I have stayed at this property numerous times since it was built and it seems to be slipping in standard. My sink was blocked up, the breakfast choices were terrible and I felt a bit awkward with a large motorcycle parked in the pedestrian entrance upon arrival. A good clean is needed BUT the mattresses are great

Noisy, mouldy

트립어드바이저 평점 2.0/5

tl19897 Family - 12/07/2019 TripAdvisor 인증 리뷰

Kfc are located next door and are renovating at the moment. The work continued until 12 am. Had ver few hours sleep. Bathroom was very mouldy and room smelt like dirty socks. Couldn't deadlock the door or prop window open as everythimg was broken.


트립어드바이저 평점 2.0/5

jelly5 Family - 17/04/2019 TripAdvisor 인증 리뷰

changed room 3 times, if you like ANTS this is the place to stay, if you like a NOISY TOILET, this is the place to stay, if you want COLD SHOWERS this is the place to stay, on one occasion the room was even cleaned or bed made on another one towel was left for 2 people to share, staff always apologised and did their best to put things right, was promised a refund on a breakfast I paid for didn't get it. I booked 2 rooms for 12 nights, my granddaughters changed rooms 3 times, we got fed up of complaining and their are ants galore, clearly needs sorting, only one professional staff the other barely smiled, would not recommend a stay here. I actually asked them to rate my stay and they could not answer me.

Great for the money you pay and managed to get a bonus of $1 breakfast added to my 6 day stay. Great location.

트립어드바이저 평점 4.0/5

Compass22717455493 Business - 17/03/2019 TripAdvisor 인증 리뷰

Enjoyed my stay for 6 days. Didn't realise that I only booked for 5 days and they extended my stay without charging me all these extras. The staff at reception were very lovely. Kind and caring. The only thing was when I booked on line it didn't give me options for floor level or level choice so I was on level 2 and had to carry massive suitcase up 2 big flights of stairs.

Overnight convenience

트립어드바이저 평점 3.0/5

tania651 Couples - 30/07/2018 TripAdvisor 인증 리뷰

Didn't like stepping up to the toilet and shower. The shower extractor fan had no cover on it, so we could see big clumps of dust in this dark opening in the shower wall - yuck! Lovely helpful staff though. No shutlles to the airport and a long walk from the train station.

2nd stay in a month

트립어드바이저 평점 5.0/5

DHC2hunter Solo travel - 25/06/2018 TripAdvisor 인증 리뷰

I had enjoyed my earlier stay so was not surprised by the helpfulness of the staff and the willingness to help with any small problems that i had Reception opened promptly at 7AM with coffee available from a proper machine Great! It is a little way from the airport but well worth the cab fare

I am very delighted to read your comments about the helpfulness of staff here! I am glad it was worth the cab fare - we hope to see you again soon! Kind Regards, Roya Teodoro

Stay before flight home

트립어드바이저 평점 5.0/5

kdday100 Solo travel - 13/05/2018 TripAdvisor 인증 리뷰

Very helpful and friendly staff, easy booking and check in and room was very clean. Hotel is about 1KM from the train station which made for an easy trip into city centre. There are fast food restaurants next to the hotel if that is what you require, although because of the ease of transport you will find better restaurants in city centre. Will stay here again when next in Sydney.

Thank you very much for your feedback kdday100, we will see you on your next trip to Sydney! Kind Regards, Roya Teodoro

Excellent choice

트립어드바이저 평점 5.0/5

adrianpG7268EE Solo travel - 24/04/2018 TripAdvisor 인증 리뷰

The hotel was situated about 15 minutes walk to a lively area of restaurants and shops. The room was fairly basic but comfortable and clean. The breakfast (for one dollar - booked directly) was excellent for the price and worthwhile.

Thank you very much adrianpG7268EE, it sounds like the hotel met your needs perfectly! We look forward to welcoming you back to St Peters in the future! Kind Regards, Roya

Very Nice Stay

트립어드바이저 평점 4.0/5

ladysnowflake2013 Solo travel - 01/03/2018 TripAdvisor 인증 리뷰

The room was very clean and the staff were very helpful. I was very happy with the price. Being on foot, I found it a little difficult to navigate transit but Josh (front desk) was most kind in giving me the information I needed! A huge thanks to all of the staff at Ibus Budget St. Peters!

I am very delighted to read Josh was helpful during your time here ladysnowflake2013. It sounds like the hotel fit your needs perfectly! Thank you your feedback. Kind Regards, Roya Teodoro

good hotel

트립어드바이저 평점 4.0/5

ReynoldK1 Business - 25/02/2018 TripAdvisor 인증 리뷰

Overall, ideal for my business needs. Tidy, clean rooms with very friendly staff. St Peters train station is 10 to 15 minute walk to the hotel. However, if you have a car ideal hotel. One of the least expensive hotels in Sydney.

It looks like the hotel met your needs Reynold K, we will see you again soon! Kind Regards, Roya Teodoro

가격대비 만족. 청결 방음 위치 굿

고객 평점 3.5/5

가족 - 02/01/2018 전체(All) 통지 확인

생각보다 청결했음. 엘레베이터가 없어서 짐옮기는데 힘들었음 보안, 방음, 생각보다 조식 굿

Thank you for yout feedback

저렴힌 보통의 숙소

고객 평점 3.5/5

익명 친구 - 02/01/2018 전체(All) 통지 확인

직원들이 친절했어요. 화장실이 너무 좁아서 아쉽습니다. 침대는 편안한 편. 전기 주전자기 마련되어 있어요. 가까운 버스 정류장도 좋아요.

Thank you for your feedback

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