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O hotelu

  • Całkowicie odnowiony obiekt

  • Parking za dopłatą, blisko transportu publicznego

  • Sala śniadaniowa z widokiem na dachy Paryża

  • Dobrze oświetlone i wyposażone sale konferencyjne z przestrzeniami coworkingowymi

  • Pokoje rodzinne i sąsiadujące, zwierzęta domowe, darmowe Wi-Fi

Nasze pokoje

Lokalizacja hotelu

ibis Paris Porte de Montreuil

2, avenue du Professeur André, Lemierre
75020 PARYŻ

Pozycja GPS:48.854452, 2.415361

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  • Zwierzęta niedozwolone
  • Transfer
  • Dostęp dla osób na wózkach inwalidzkich
  • Klimatyzacja
  • Śniadanie
  • Sale konferencyjne
  • Całkowity zakaz palenia na terenie całego obiektu


Opinie naszych gości

Opinie naszych gości

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Ocena ALL  3.5/5  Liczba opinii: 1 410

Ocena TripAdvisor  3.0/5  Liczba opinii: 1 157

Brudne pokoje, gorąco, nie sprawna klimatyzacja, brudne naczynia w restauracji. Zniszczone wiekiem pokoje w porownaniu z innymi Hotelami Ibis

Ocena klientów 1.0/5

Łukasz Rodziny - Opinie potwierdzone ALL

Pokoje bardzo zlej jakosci. Goraco, klimatyzacja nie działa. Zaniedbane elementy w pokoju, wymagają remontu. W restauracji brudne naczynia. Hotel wymaga renowacji. Dodatkowo grzyb w łazience

Avoid at all costs

Ocena na stronie TripAdvisor 1.0/5

Jenster06 Opinia zatwierdzona w TripAdvisor

We stayed for 3 nights. If we hadn't been in Paris for such a short break we'd have found somewhere else to stay. The room was boiling hot, the air con was utterly useless even flat out, not helped by housekeeping switching it off every morning. When I say the room was hot I really mean it, neither of us were able to get any sleep. The window couldn't be opened for safetly reasons (15th floor) so we couldn't even let any cooler air in that way. The bathroom extractor fan didn't work at all and there was no window in there either so any humidity had no escape other than straight into the already boiling bedroom. There was unsurprisingly a stale, unpleasant damp smell in the bedroom. Storage space is very limited, a tiny hanging rail, 2 rather dirty doorless cupboards/nooks, no draws, nowhere to store a suitcase, no coat hook. A tiny desk, also with no draws The pillows are tiny and the mattress topper is far too narrow for the actual mattress. The bed sheet isn't wide enough so as soon as you roll over it comes untucked and get tangled round your legs. The bathroom is tiny, and the only storage space is 2 very very dirty holes in the wall. The bath is a joke, do not expect a relaxing bath - it's about half the length of a standard bath and the shower door is fixed so if you're travelling with a young child bathtime would be an ordeal. There is a hairdryer attached to the wall of the bathroom but it's on or off (no temperature controls) The whole room was scuffed and looked tired but particularly the bathroom. Location: About a 10 minute walk to the nearest metro station but you have to cut through a very unpleasant, dirty market to get there. If I'd been by myself I wouldn't have wanted to be outside after dark, it felt very unsafe. There are a lot of homeless people in the area and a strong smell of urine and offers of "cheap cigarettes".


Ocena na stronie TripAdvisor 1.0/5

Scenic62144713479 Opinia zatwierdzona w TripAdvisor

Horrible! Terrible area, dangerous! Beggars everywhere, dirty, definitely unsafe! Lifts a nightmare, they are doing works in the hotel, and they start drilling at 9am when you are still sleeping, because MAYBE you are in holidays 🤦‍♂️ Room: stiff and air con doesn't work. Need to leave door open if you want to get the room refreshed partially. Beds are a danger to anyone: 2 mattresses, one in top of another. The mattress in top is made of a slippery fabric. A nightmare to sleep well as the top mattress moves right/left/ down. While sleeping, I have turned in bed, the top mattress slips, and I fell off the bed banging my head against the table between the beds. No ice or assistance offered, even when asked more than once. Reported the issue, still waiting for some kind of resolution. If no action taken by them, I will sue the hotel. Cleaning staff shouting in the corridors. Only positive: Daniel in reception! AVOID! WORST HOTEL EXPERIENCE EVER!!

Doesn’t look anything like the photos!!!

Ocena na stronie TripAdvisor 2.0/5

Nick D Opinia zatwierdzona w TripAdvisor

We recently stayed at the Ibis, Porte Montreuil in September for 3 nights and firstly it doesn’t look anything like the photos online, we stayed in the main Ibis hotel so good knows what the budget hotel looked like?! It was only a hotel we booked as a place to sleep but it was way below our expectations! After a very slow and painful check in we went to take the lift to the 14th floor. There were 3 lifts but only one that was working which meant there was a constant queue at the lift and if you had to wait for it to go up / down, you were often standing a long time. Once we eventually got to our room, we opened the door to a strong odour which they used to clean the bathroom we assumed, but later found out after running the tap / shower it was to disguise the smell of the drain. The room although clean was very tired looking and hadn’t been updated for quite some time, there were scuffs and marks everywhere. The curtains had marks and staines which had clearly been there a while. The bathroom as well as having ‘a smell’ was just as old and battered as the room. We stayed during the recent heatwave early September and the air conditioning in the room was as much use as a chocolate fire guard. The room was like a furness and there was no window to open, the air conditioning unit made noise but no cold air came from it even on full blast! We ate out each day / night as there were no other alternatives apart from an overpriced vending machine. There is a door through to a small shopping centre with a super market but with no fridge etc or cupboard space there is nowhere to store anything you bought. I would not stay here again, even though we were just booking ‘a bed’ due to sight seeing each day.


Ocena na stronie TripAdvisor 2.0/5

785michald Opinia zatwierdzona w TripAdvisor

We were rather disappointed with the hotel. The best part of our stay there is breakfast, which was quite rich according to the price. On the other hand, our room's air-conditioning was a disaster. Given the fact that the window couldn't be open due to safety reasons, the stale air in the room was almost unbreathable, not mentioning the bathroom that became a steam room very fast. If all rooms are like this, people with breathing problems should not visit the hotel.

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