ノボテルミラノリナーテアエロポルト 4 つ星

お客さまの声 (確認済みレビュー アコーホテルズ) 4.1/5 909 件のレビュー


  • ALL SAFE - SGS認証済みホテル

  • 100のコングレスセンタ、ビジネスコーナー、無料のWi-Fi

  • リナーテ空港とホテルを往復する有料シャトルサービスをご利用いただけます。

  • フィットネスセンター、駐車場、屋外プール (夏季)

  • 広く快適なお部屋です。ペットを含むご家族向けに最適です。

このホテルはPlanet 21に参加しており、ホスピタリティ向上のために活動しています。




Via Mecenate 121
20138 ミラノ

GPS:45.447655, 9.256846



チェックインはからです - チェックアウトはです

  • プール
  • 駐車場
  • シャトル
  • レストラン
  • 車椅子利用可能なホテル
  • 快適なご滞在
  • エアコン
  • Wifi
  • 朝食
  • バー
  • 会議室


Simple, tasty, healthy and balanced cuisine. Catering that provides whatever takes your fancy at any time of day or night. Enjoy a moment of escape in the restaurant, at the bar, on the terrace or in your room.


ノボテルの新コンセプト、N'ルーム: 完璧に再設計された客室はお仕事にもリラックスにも最適です。新しい55インチTV、無料Wi-Fi、ティー / コーヒーメーカー、セーフティボックスを完備。大人2名様とお子様2名様まで





確認済みレビュー アコーホテルズ  4.1/5  909 件のレビュー

トリップアドバイザーの評価  3.5/5  2,150 件のレビュー

Unfriendly & unhelpful Team // Poor Room Condition

トリップアドバイザーの評価 1.0/5

Ben G トリップアドバイザー認証口コミ

Unfortunately, I left the property with a strong negative impression, I felt totally ignored and the employees made me feel frustrated. The safe in my room was locked most likely from a previous guest or the Housekeeping Team. When I tried to inform the Front Desk, I had to go down as my phone was not working… I took me some time to make the receptionist understood what the issue was. Almost an hour later, the issue was still not fixed and I had to come back to the Front Desk. This time, a large group was checking-in and I was totally neglected. One employee became quite rude with me and pretty much humiliated me in Italian in front of other guests. While looking for a Manager, he asked me to speak to a male receptionist who told me in a cold manner that it was not possible to replace the battery… I tried to explain that the battery was not the problem and that my phone was not working… He kept telling me with the same nonchalant manner that I could use the safe in the back office… I left speechless and shocked by the employee’s attitude. During the checkout, I was not asked about my satisfaction and not thanked… It was done in silence with “ok all good” said at the end.. In addition to the safe and phone issues in my room, the USB plugs at the bedside table were not working, the shower head was broken as well as the Nespresso machine. In the Fitness Center one of the tow treadmills was broken without any signage and the water was empty… As a Diamond Member, this was one of my worst stay and the team was not friendly at all.

Good hotel..Close to airport

トリップアドバイザーの評価 5.0/5

Keval S ファミリー - トリップアドバイザー認証口コミ

Quick check in. Rooms good size and clean. Very close to airport and convenient. Did not have breakfast. Area for people to sit and converse as we were a large group. Kids enjoyed table football. Would not have any issues going back to the hotel


トリップアドバイザーの評価 3.0/5

Mike S Couples - トリップアドバイザー認証口コミ

I phoned the hotel to enquire about the shuttle before our flight departed from Munich. After having confirmed my reservation at the Hotel I told the man I was speaking to that our flight was due at 1800, the hotel receptionist then said he would check the shuttle timetable, and confirmed that it ran every 30 minutes. We were instructed to wait at Exit 4, and duly made our way there, exiting at 1820 with our luggage. By 1850, and feeling quite cold by now, no shuttle had arrived so we telephoned the hotel and were told that the shuttle would be there at 1900. Still no shuttle by 1915, and we called again, and after a long wait, we were told that the shuttle would arrive 'in 10 minutes'. It finally arrived at 1930. Bizarrely, at door 4 (Departures) one cannot re-enter the airport, and the taxis refuse to accept you, insisting that you go down to the Arrivals floor. Since we were unsure as to availability of taxis, and because we had been told that the shuttle would be with arriving, we waited, at first patiently, but later anxiously, and finally angrily. We stood in the cold for 70 minutes! When we arrived at the hotel, we were told that the shuttle gad arrived at 1800, and is not allowed to wait more than a few minutes. Since this is, after all, an airport hotel (the word airport is included in the name) I think it reasonable to assume that they would know that teleportation is not yet possible, and that it takes time to walk through the airport from the gate, and that baggage reclaim is rarely, if ever instantaneous. When I phoned from Munich I emphasised that our flight was due at 1800, and even offered to give the flight number. Why would anyone with ounce of intelligence send a shuttle at 1800 for a flight that is not due until 1800? When we asked why the shuttle that was supposed to arrive at 1900 had not materialised we were repeatedly told that the shuttle is not allowed to wait for more than a few minutes.The receptionists were unable to grasp the fact that the shuttle did not arrive at 1900 - we were freezing at door 4 continuously - and therefore did not wait! There is no 30-minute service. DO NOT RELY ON THE SERVICE - TAKE A TAXI. We have stayed in this hotel previously, and gave it good review, but this time standards have dropped. Our room was stifling, and air con is off during the sinter months. Opening the window introduces too much noise. There was only bath towel, and a request for a second was misunderstood, resulting in an extra bathrobe. There was no shampoo or shower gel in the bathroom, which we discovered too late. The bathroom door squeaked loudly, meaning that one of us woke the of the other with every nocturnal visit.

A disappointing Novotel experience...

トリップアドバイザーの評価 3.0/5

H90LEjasonr ビジネス - トリップアドバイザー認証口コミ

Was given a room right next to the elevators, even though it was obvious that the hotel was nowhere near full. So a noisy stay, right from the start. The WiFi was really slow; the shower head was so calcified that only half of the jets flowed and the toilet roll holder was almost falling off the wall. €9 for room service (i.e. tray) delivery from the restaurant, excluding tip. Really expensive drinks at the bar (€25 for a double shot of whisky!). It was the breakfasts that were most sad, in my opinion, though... Overcooked scrambled eggs, undercooked bacon and sausages (inedible) and hard pastries. The fruit salad looked days past being fresh and the cheese that had been laid out on a plate (i.e. slices layered on top of each other), was so discolored that you would guess that it had been put out, time and time again. So sad!


お客さまの声 3.5/5

Watta ビジネス - 確認済みレビュー すべて


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  • 695 件のレビュー 7.8/10 ロケーション
  • 1,071 件のレビュー 5.9/10 客室
  • 976 件のレビュー 7.3/10 サービス
  • 26 件のレビュー 6.4/10 インターネット
  • 523 件のレビュー 8.4/10 朝食
  • 477 件のレビュー 5.1/10 清潔さ
  • 306 件のレビュー 6.4/10 料理
  • 304 件のレビュー 4.6/10 お値打ち度

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