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Adele Conn Sonia Nicolson

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Adele Conn: “Born and raised in Scotland’s historical city, I grew up surrounded by beautiful architecture. Old stone buildings with character and charm. Walking around the city you will discover some true gems, and looking up is where the best surprises can often be found.”
Sonia Nicolson: "I live in the world of food. My partner is a chef and owner of two restaurants, so I eat and sleep food. I love eating out, I love tasting new things, trying new experiences, making food and talking about it."

Victoria Street

Sightseeing in Edinburgh

"Historically, Edinburgh has always been a hugely important city within the United Kingdom and the sheer variety of age and design in the buildings reflects this. To help understand this better we asked Sonia to show us her hometown.

“A walk along Princes Street will give you wonderful views of the Castle and the rear of the Royal Mile but it will also allow you to look above the shop fronts and take in the stone carvings and language of each building’s facade. At each end of George Street you can enjoy the Georgian architecture of UNESCO protected Charlotte Square against the contracting modern renovations of St Andrews Square. Walking south of the city centre will take you to the Royal Mile and St Giles Cathedral, the small but delightful Thistle Chapel is not to be missed. Heading up towards the Castle, the Hub is a wonderfully bold interior where many have ceilidh’d long into the night.

Victoria Street is one of my favourites, sweeping you elegantly down to the Grass Market and up towards the National Museum of Scotland where old truly meets new in a wonderful architectural celebration. Take a walk toward McEwan Hall where students graduate in a grand circular hall surrounded by buildings of historical academia. Wander through the Quatermile, a luxury residential complex in Edinburgh’s former hospital and look over at Heriots. End your tour at the Edinburgh College of Art’s Sculpture Court, with its high ceilings and replica carvings from the Acropolis in Greece.” 

water of leith walkway

Water of Leith Walkway

"To add a touch of greenery to your visit, you’ll be hard pressed to find something more impressive than the Water of Leith Walkway- a sight for urban wildlife to flourish in areas where it might otherwise not be found, including as many as 80 different species of bird).

The area is home to a number of rare wildlife species including deer, kingfishers and on occasion otters. The waterway is decorated with old buildings, forestry and things to do, whether you are making use of the cycle path or visiting one of the art galleries along the route."

Edinburgh Food Festival

Food festivals in Edinburgh

“Edinburgh is a cultural haven, with notable influences from all over the world helping to create one large melting pot of amazing food, music and creativity, so its food festivals are not to be missed as they combine all of these!. Adele is the authority when it comes to finding good food in Edinburgh, so is the perfect person to recommend her personal favourite food festivals.

“Take a 10 minute stroll from Princes Street towards the grand Union Canal in the heart of the city and discover one of Edinburgh’s best weekly food markets - Street Food Fridays at Fountainbridge. Open all year round, every Friday from 11am-7pm, a bunch of passionate independent traders set up their mobile stalls alongside this revitalised waterway to dish up tasty global delights such as Columbian Cornbread Arapas, Malaysian Rendang Curry, Swiss Alpine Dumplings, Irish Pakoras and Greek Souvlaki. The line-up of street traders changes from week to week so you’ll be sure to find something new to eat every time you visit.

A recent addition and now a strong contender on the Edinburgh Foodie scene is the Edinburgh Food Festival held in the height of Summer in the glorious gardens of George Square. This five day festival showcases the best of Scottish produce, producers, makers, street food and; talks & debates featuring some of the industry’s most talented chefs, food champions and cutting edge food entrepreneurs. It’s a fun filled packed week in a very relaxed setting. A local foodie haven and a highlight on the Scottish Food Calendar” 

cramond island

Visit Cramond Island

Cramond Island is found around a mile out to sea, just outside of Edinburgh. When low tide comes around you can easily walk across to the island, which has played a part in Scottish history as far back as Roman times yet as recently as the Second World War. 
Evidence of the island’s former roles can still be found around Carmond, as a few old buildings still remain there, including coastal defence structures from the Second World War, which can still be freely explored.

national museum of scotland

National Museum of Scotland

Highlights of the National Museum include the Millennium Clock, an early example of a guillotine and Dolly the sheep- famous for becoming the first successful clone of a mammal. There are more than 800 items on display to see, with something new to discover with each visit and plenty to keep visitors of all ages entertained.  
To make the most of your stay in the city you’ll need to spend more than just a day there, and there are plenty of great hotels in Edinburgh to choose from, whether you want to use a hotel in Edinburgh city centre as a base for your explorations or if you’d rather find cheap hotels for overnight accommodation, you’ll find something to suit your every need.

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