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Three mountain sports to try out

Spice up your sports holiday in the Alps and give it a twist by exploring new worlds!

You are crazy about skiing and in love with powder—with winter back, it’s impossible for you to resist the call of the mountains! You decide to go on a ski trip to tackle the white peaks. Always looking for new experiences, you decide to take advantage of these holidays in the mountains to try out some new sports.

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Paragliding in the Alpe d’Huez!

Taking the high ground and soaring like an eagle over the mountain ranges... A long-held dream. This season, your sports holiday in the Alpe d'Huez offers you the ideal opportunity to fulfil this dream. With an exceptional 300 days a year of sunshine, this station, also called "Island in the Sun," lends itself perfectly to your maiden flight. 
Safely harnessed, standing at the top of the track, you're ready. This is it! You take off on skis, facing the snowy slopes of the Grandes Rousses range. The stress of the first few seconds gone and reassured by the presence of your guide, you begin to get used to this new sensation. As you glide, you behold the summits of rock and ice of the Ecrins range. Isn't that La Meije before me, and there, the Roche de la Muzelle? As you make your way down, you ask yourself if those are not the pristine peaks of Mont Blanc that soar in the distance...      
After this ride through the air, you end your day under the ice: looking at the ice sculptures of the Ice Cave and admiring every detail of the stunning works in this 120-metre-long gallery, which every year takes on a new theme.   


Discover Courchevel, on snowshoes

You reconnect with the gliding sensation and happily slice your way down the slopes of Courchevel... Still intoxicated by your final descent and lulled by the slow pace of the lift, your mind goes off in contemplation. Beautiful weather, the mountain sparkles under a big sun... But this year, you’ve decided to go off the beaten track during a nature break. Your sporting stay at this resort in the heart of the Three Valleys starts under the exploration sign!  
Snowshoes and backpack on, you follow your guide and set off to discover pristine trails. You love the sound of snow crunching under your feet and the feeling of solitude... In the midst of this unspoilt nature, the discoveries form a chain. Here, a hamlet of chalets almost completely covered with a thick coat of snow; over there, the trickle of water from a small waterfall... You will not easily forget the breathtaking views of the Mont Bel Air descent
Such a long hike merits a reward. And so it's at the Aquamotion where you end your day. This Aquatic Centre whose spaces are bathed in light is the ideal setting for a smooth finish to your nature walk.

Feel the thrill of the waterslide at Les Arcs

You’re dying to try it out. Why not enjoy your sporting stay in this legendary resort of the Tarentaise Valley to explore new sensations? From the top of the chairlift, you watch skiers fly to the conquest of this large rectangle of water... before taking their place!  
Your heart rate is off the charts... And you’re off! At the edge of the Clair-Blanc trail, you live out your fifteen minutes of fame. Carried by the momentum of your descent, you have managed to cross the waterslide (a 15-m-long, 40-cm-deep pool) without falling into the water! You’ve conquered it. And if tomorrow the time doesn’t allow for repeating the experience, you still have the Big Air Bag waiting for you: an invigorating session of jumping, skiing or foot surfing on this great bouncing air bag.   
To recover from your intense experiences, you stop at Arpette. On the terrace of the mountain restaurant, you enjoy a quiet drink of your mulled wine and its spicy notes. Afterwards, you head for a visit to the Museum of Minerals in Bourg-Saint-Maurice. Here, you take a break from sports and add a cultural note, as you check out the collection of crystals and the crystal craftsmanship practiced for generations by the inhabitants of this valley.

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