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How to explore Marrakech?

Essential things to do on holiday in Marrakech

With the North African sun shining above you, and a warm breeze blowing through your hair, you will truly know you have landed in Marrakech. The distinctive red sandstones walls dating back to the 12th century have earned the city the endearing nickname of the Red City. Marrakech is a beautiful city that will fill you with so much awe, you might find yourself simply staring at the stunning views around the city throughout your holiday. However, there is so much to do and see in the Red City that it can be hard to choose. We will give you a hint of what should be on your to-do list in Marrakech.

- The Saadian Tombs, located in a serene enclosure at the Kasbah, are hard to miss. Upon arrival, your eyes have so much to take in such as the colourful tile decorations, as well as Arabic script and majestic carvings in the walls. Step into the main mausoleum with an amazing 66 tombs as well as the main tomb made up of a vaulted roof, delicate carvings and beautiful sellij tiles. You will find that the urge to run your fingers over the thin marble stones of Saadian princes is hard to resist.
- The adventure is not yet over, with 100 tombs of more Saadian princes and royal family members in the gardens. The elegant gravestones are made up of colourful tiles with inspirational inscriptions of epitaphs and quotes from the Quar’an.

Plan your travel dates right, and you can take part in one of the many festivals that happen throughout the year.   
- The Marrakesh International Film Festival is all about local and international talent, as film productions take the limelight. Marrakech’s main square, Jemaa el-Fnaa, is turned into a massive open air cinema where you can lie down on a towel, unpack your picnic basket filled with local treats to nibble on and enjoy some great films. 
- Join the locals for the Marrakech Popular Arts Festival. Give into the rhythm of Berber music, be enthralled by folk dancers and be amazed by the talents of street performers. There is no better way to learn about the rich culture of the people of Marrakech. 
- Put on your dancing shoes as Marrakech comes alive with the Sun Festival which sees local and international musicians coming to the city for five days of a fascinating concoction of different styles of music. This is a great opportunity to explore the magnificent city of Marrakech as the festival takes place in multiple venues across the city. 

It is hard to miss the aroma of Moroccan cuisine wafting through the streets. With lemon, orange and olive groves lining the streets of the city, these flavours play a major role in the many dishes native to the area. Enjoy a three course meal that focuses on the unique flavours of Marrakech’s traditional dishes.
- Start your meal with a delicious bite of traditional briouats filled with shrimp, chicken and lemon. 
- Sample the local tajine dish – Tanjia Marrakchia.  Succulent and soft beef is slow cooked in a traditional oven with a perfect combination of local spices like monk’s pepper, nutmeg, turmeric and chilli as well as preserved lemon and saffron. The various spices are not too hot and have a hint of the smoky flavour of "smen" (Moroccan ghee) lingering on your tongue.
- Pick one, two or all the sweet treats before you such as spicy chebakia cookies, filo dough filled with dried fruit or cheesecake with dates.
- Finish off a fine meal by participating in the popular Moroccan tea culture, with green tea served with mint and sugar from a curved teapot spout poured into delicately beautiful small glasses. 

Food, culture and history all come together in Marrakech, and your holiday will be perfect if you touch on all three. Watch the sun set over the city as the day dies down, while having a sip of your favourite drink and you will know you have truly landed in the Red City. 
With festivals, local cuisine and ancient structures to discover, you will immerse yourself in all things Marrakech. The only decision you will have to make is to decide which of our Accor in Marrakech will be your home for a few days. Whether you want to live in the lap of luxury at one of our 5-star Hotels or are looking for budget-friendly accommodation, you'll find a resort to accommodate your needs during your stay in Marrakech with Accor.

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