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The Best Coffee Shops for Dodging Rain in Manchester

Planning a trip to Manchester? Even in the summer months, you’ll be lucky to avoid a little rain.

Whether you’re visiting the city to party on Deansgate, to dip in and out of museums and galleries, or to hit up the Arndale and Market Street shopping areas, you’d be wise to familiarise yourself with some of Manchester’s best coffee shops before you arrive.

There’s no need to let a sudden shower dampen your weekend break!


TAKK is one of Manchester’s best independent coffee houses, with three spots scattered throughout the city centre. Providing locals and visitors with a warm and welcoming space to work and meet, TAKK takes its inspiration from the laid-back lifestyle in Scandinavia and Iceland. 
Their coffee is great, and their food is simple and delicious. If the heavens open while you’re walking around Manchester, head into your nearest TAKK and wait it out in comfort. 

2. Ancoats Coffee

Tucked away in Ancoats, the gentrified neighbourhood just beyond the Northern Quarter, Ancoats Coffee was created as a place for the roastery to showcase their speciality coffee. Since its opening, the spot has become a hub for coffee enthusiasts and is a perfect choice for a steamy mug away from the hustle and bustle of a rainy city centre.

3. Idle Hands

Located on Dale Street, on the outskirts of the vibrant Northern Quarter, Idle Hands is one of our favourite spots to dive inside when the rain starts to fall. The kitchen puts out unbeatable pies and delicious brunch food, while the bar sells natural wine and craft beer alongside coffee from ever-changing roasters.

4. The Foundation Coffee House

With two spots in the city, one in the heart of the Northern Quarter and one on Whitworth Street, Foundation is quickly taking over Manchester’s speciality coffee scene.  
The Northern Quarter spot is vast, and whether you’re shopping or browsing one of the city’s central galleries, you’re probably no more than ten minutes walk away. Choose your brew (if you can) from the huge menu and grab some brunch or a bake from the counter while you wait for the rain to pass.  

5. Just Between Friends

The tiny spot on Tib Street boasts coffee that’s second to none in Manchester. Every dish is a work of art, so you can’t go wrong no matter what you’re in the mood for.  
You might struggle to get a seat in this locals-favourite on a rainy day, but we recommend you give it a try! If it’s full to bursting, run around the corner to huge Foundation where you’re almost always guaranteed a seat. 

What’s the Weather Like in Manchester?

Don’t let unexpected weather spoil your trip – plan ahead with Chanel 4 Weather’s Manchester forecast and make sure you get the most out of your time in Manchester!

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