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Stracciatella and Lemon Sorbet in Zurich


The five best gelaterias in Zurich

Summer is a time for ice cream. This is as true in Zurich as anywhere else. Of course, you can get an ice cream from any kiosk, but nothing can compare to a real Italian gelato. We have therefore sought out the best gelaterias in Zurich for you, which still make ice cream using a traditional recipe.
Mövenpick ice creamZurich
In the Mövenpick the eye eats as well (photo: Patrick Weber)


The classic among gelaterias. Mövenpick is synonymous with Swiss quality, with a reputation that extends far beyond its borders. Mövenpick ice cream is available in many grocery stores throughout Switzerland. For a special experience, we recommend a visit to the company's own gelateria right next to Bellevue Square and in walking distance from the lake. You are spoiled for choice with over 40 exquisite flavors.

Gelateria di Berna

Gelateria di Berna is Zurich's newest ice cream parlor. The shop opened its doors in May 2017 and it's already a success. Ice cream fans stand in line out onto the street, and for good reason: Gelateria di Berna originates from Bern — the clue is in the name. It's already an institution there, where its creations are a hit. The Amarena ice cream with sour cherries or cioccolato criollo cocoa are especially delicious. Who said the Swiss don't know how to make ice cream?
Sorbetto ice cream Zurich
A bit simpler but no less tasty - the ice cream of Sorbetto (photo: Patrick Weber)


Unlike Gelateria di Berna, Sorbetto has been in business a little while longer. Since the mid-1980s to be exact. What started as a one-man band is today a small business employing ten people. They have a clear philosophy: "Work with passion and the desire to create an ice cream you can say is the best." Ice cream is a question of taste, as we know, and you can argue exquisitely about taste. What is not in dispute, however, is that Sorbetto is one of the best gelaterias in Zurich.

Gelati am See

Cooling down in high summer is a must. That's why ice cream and the lake go together so well. It's also what Dani Kissling said to himself when he set up the Gelati am See mobile ice cream stand in 1998. Since then, he has delighted his customers summer after summer with a wide selection of sorbets and ice creams. And for anyone who wants something else, the frozen yogurt comes highly recommended.
Dieci Zurich
Dieci in the „Dörfli“ is also very popular (photo: Patrick Weber)


This small takeout outlet is at the heart of historic Zurich, offering homemade Italian ice cream alongside authentic pizza and pasta. Founded in Rapperswil in 1990, Dieci now operates 5 gelaterias and sells some 250,000 pints of ice cream each year — made using their own recipe, of course!

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