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Art and Design in Basel

Fondation Beyeler
The Fondation Beyeler is the most visited art museum in Switzerland (photo: Patrick Weber)

The trade fair city of Basel is Switzerland's cultural center

If you like art, you'll love Basel. The city on the Rhine boasts the highest concentration of museums in Europe and guarantees its visitors amazing art experiences. From the defining works of modern history to promising contemporary art, Basel has much on offer to amaze its visitors.
Basel owes its reputation as "Switzerland's cultural capital" not least to its famous art scene. Almost 40 museums, covering every possible interest, can be found in a relatively small area. We present the four most important ones to you.
Fondation Beyeler interior
The elegant gives the Fondation Beyeler a devotional silence (photo: Patrick Weber)

World-Famous Art Collections

Some 250 works of classic modern and contemporary art brought together in the one place. Basel's Fondation Beyeler is the most visited art museum in Switzerland. And for good reason: In its idyllic surroundings, the institution restores a well-known collection comprising works by impressive names such as Cézanne, Monet and Van Gogh. With regular exhibitions and projects, a varied program is also offered that focuses on well-known pieces from international museums and private collections. Fondation Beyeler is therefore a popular travel destination for art lovers, not just from Basel but from the whole of Switzerland.
Another world-famous institution known for its extensive collection is Kunstmuseum Basel, which hosts its exhibits in three buildings. Discover some 4000 paintings, sculptures, installations and videos, together with 300,000 drawings and graphic prints from seven centuries. With the oldest public art collection in Europe and the largest in Switzerland, even confessed art fanatics will find the museum impressive. 
Kunstmuseum in Basel
The art museum in Basel is an absolute must for every art lover (photo: Patrick Weber)

International Leader in Design

It is not just classic art collections that have given Basel international acclaim. The Vitra Design Museum in Weil am Rhein, for example, stages up to ten exhibitions in design and architecture each year, in addition to tours and workshops. The institution, which is considered to be among the world's leading design museums, stands out thanks to its collection of industrial furniture design and lighting. The museum also explores and communicates the relationship between design and architecture, art and everyday culture. Following a visit to the museum, the Vitra Campus and its many other architectural gems invite visitors to stay a while and discover more.
Vitra Design Museum Basel
The Vitra Design Museum offers futuristic buildings and innovative designs (photo: Patrick Weber)

Basel's Roots in Museum Tinguely

Museum Tinguely, designed by leading architect Mario Botta, is a particular jewel among Basel's museums. With the world's largest collection, the museum displays the works and life of Jean Tinguely, one of Switzerland's greatest artists of the 20th century. Hallmarks include the typical mobile sculptures, which are reminiscent of machines. The artist left behind a prominent example in the Tinguely fountain at the center of Basel's old town. Temporary exhibitions also shed light on Tinguely's role models and contemporaries, and pick up current themes in the art scene. Take a trip back into the machine age and experience prominent moments in Switzerland's art history close up!

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