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Culinary adventures in Liège

Fancy yourself an expert when it comes to good food and drink? Or do you just enjoy discovering the culinary scene of the cities you visit? Then Liège is the perfect city to explore, with its famous Liège waffles and endless amounts of good Belgian beer and epicurean gastronomy. In this article we will take you on a trip along some of Liège’s culinary highlights. Don’t blame us if you’re salivating at the end. 
Liège waffle

Liège, home of the famous Belgian waffle

If there is one culinary item that is synonymous with the city of Liège, it is the Liège waffle. Although waffles are found all over town, the mini shop Une Gaufrette Saperlipopette is definitely worth a stop. Most days you will find a line out the door and around the corner, which is always a good sign if you ask us. The waffle dough contains pearl sugar, making it sweet and delicious enough that you don’t need any extra toppings. 
Belgian beer

Enjoy all the Belgian Beers Liege has bottled up

When it comes to beer, few countries do it like the Belgians do. This is no different in Liège, where craft beers are an integral part of the culinary experience. The best neighborhood to visit if you want to go barhopping is Le Carré, where you will find an endless supply of cozy cafes and pubs serving all manner of Belgian beers. Our favorite is Brasserie C, located just on the edge of the district. Stop by and enjoy one of their Curtius beers, which they brew inhouse. Their beers are also available at our Hotel Mercure Liège City Centre hotel bar and shop.
La Linière

Sample some of Liege’s local delicacies at La Linière restaurant

When visiting Liège, our Mercure Liège City Centre Hotel is the perfect place to stay. Besides the convenience of its central location along the La Meuse river, the hotel is also home to the newly renovated La Linière restaurant. The restaurant is located in an old 17th century monastery which offers a beautiful setting for a delicious meal. On the menu you will find local specialties, such as the local cheesemonger’s favourites and homemade Boulets de Liege, the local take on meatballs which are usually served with Belgian Fries or some other kind of potatoes. In the evening you can relax and enjoy a drink on the terrace in the beautiful gardens. The restaurant, as well as the hotel shop, offer an extensive list of local craft beers for you to sample. Or end your evening with a Café Liègeois, a local dessert specialty. Although everyone in Liege has their own recipe with slight variations, it is usually made with a shot of espresso, vanilla and mocha ice cream, whipped cream and coffee beans as garnish. Add a shot of Peket, a local take on Jenever, if you are feeling naughty.

Has all this talk about Liege gastronomy wet your appetite? Book a room at the Mercure Liège City Centre and enjoy all that Liège has to offer.

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