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Take a break in El Jadida

A tour in the seaside town

In the Doukkala region, far from the crowds, is set the El Jadida, nicknamed the Deauville of Morocco by Lyautey. Ideally located on the seaside, not very far from Casablanca and on the way to the South, the town is a holiday resort popular with Moroccan families. The city and its Unesco-listed old town is an invitation to enjoy.

In the heart of El Jadida

Wander around in the Medina and in the Old Portuguese city, built in the 16th century which makes the city unique. Inscribed on the Unesco’s World Heritage list in 2004, the fortified city was originally named “Mazagan”. A great example of the Renaissance military design with its ochre-colored fortified walls, the city offers some extraordinary sights. The main entrance is off Mohammed Ben Abdallah square. The first monuments in sight are the Church of the Asumption and the Grand Mosque and its unique pentagonal-shaped minaret. Then, head to the fascinating cistern, an old vaulted military arsenal turned into a water cistern by the Portuguese. Orson Welles, Francis Ford Coppola and Arthur Joffé amazed by the shaft of light bouncing off the water used the Cistern as a location in their movies. You can smell hot bread? You are close to the Sea Gate: this is where, ships unloaded their cargo. There is also an old communal bakery where women still bring their home-made breads. You might be lucky enough to taste it. De là, vous pouvez vous offrir une vue spectaculaire sur la mer, le port et la nouvelle ville en rejoignant le Bastion de l’Ange ou découvrir les ruines de la Synagogue en vous dirigeant vers le Bastion de Saint Sébastien au sud. From the Bastion de l’Ange, you can enjoy an extraordinary view out to the sea, the harbor and the new town. You can also head south to the Bastion de Saint Sébastien where you will discover the remains of the Synagogue.

Plages, golf et détente

The town of El Jadida is lovely and its surroundingsare full of possibilities. A few miles away, Azemmour, a fortified village, is attractive. You can choose to relax on El Jadida beaches or in trendy Sidi Bouzid. Want more ? Take a tour in Oualidia, discover its languid lagoon. In this coastal escape you will be able to relax, feeling like you are the only one left in the world, looking at fishermen’s boats and gloden sandflats and tasting the oysters the village is famous for. More into sports? The “tomato” surf spot is awaiting. Another option, The Kasbah Boulaoune, a fortress built in 1710: its remains overlook the gorgeous Oum-Er-Rbia river and valley. Tired of all that strolling around? You are in the right place. Relax in the Spa, where you can enjoy a massage before trying out on the 18-hole golf course or diving in the swimming pool.
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