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Discovering Luxembourg’s Natural Landscape

Luxembourg is awash with nature, with hectares of green landscape providing a perfect escape from the stresses of urban life. If you’re planning a trip to Luxembourg, whether you’re considering spring, summer, autumn, or winter, be sure to head out and enjoy a taste of the country’s rural charm.

Luxembourg’s several national parks serve as more than just venues for hiking, cycling, and swimming. Some of the country’s most charming settlements are nestled neatly among the trees. Visit a small village in Luxembourg’s wild heart and enjoy cosy restaurants, family-run shops and cafés, and plenty of attractions and activities, unlike anything you’ve seen before.

Haff Réimech Nature Reserve

At the bottom of the slopes between Schengen and Remich, the Haff Réimech nature reserve boasts an impressive diversity of birds, wildlife, and plants. Because of the reserve’s unique offering, the award-winning Biodiversum Visitor Centre sits on an artificial island at its edge.
The Biodiversum centre is integrated into the environment beautifully, with an exhibition and events space and a museum for visitors to explore. Enhance your time at the Haff Réimech reserve by paying a visit to the Biodiversum and learning a little about Luxembourg’s natural landscape.

Strombierg Conservation Area

Strombierg is a natural conservation area not far from the Haff Réimech, where visitors can enjoy a stroll along a pleasant nature path. The route is well signposted, starting under the bridge at Schengen, and provides travellers with a good opportunity to see protected plant species and local wildlife.

Ellergronn Nature Reserve

The landscape of the Ellergronn Nature Reserve is truly spectacular. Once the site of iron ore mining, Ellergronn today consists of limestone forests, ponds, and dry grasslands.

Grouf Nature Reserve

The Grouf Nature Reserve has guided paths laid throughout for visitors to explore. Enjoy a unique look at the country’s ecosystems and towering trees on a long hike through the landscape. You can take a guided tour or head out on your own. Either way, look out for information about the area displayed on plaques along the way.

Haard Nature Reserve

The Haard, which is part of a larger nature reserve, has been a natural protected zone since 1994. Choose the Haard for mesmerising walks, unbeatable views, and the chance to explore an educational trail, learning about Luxembourg along the way.

Aarnescht Nature Reserve

Colourful Aarnescht is a favourite for its variety of beautiful orchid species. The south-facing slopes benefit from a warmer climate which adds to the enjoyment of the area.

Pëttenerbësch Nature Reserve

Home to the geographical centre of Luxembourg, Pëttenerbësch nature reserve also boasts a variety of plant and animal species and plenty of options for keen trekkers to explore.

Schlammwiss Nature Reserve

A unique wetland nature reserve, Schlammwiss is the largest area of connected reed in the country. There’s plenty to do, with activities suitable for the whole family, while the bird ringing station provides a space for important research and conservation.

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