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Cotswolds Walking Holidays

With a landscape of lush rolling hills and leafy green lanes, the Cotswolds is a picturesque choice for a walking holiday this year. Enjoy the best of the UK when you plan a staycation to the beautiful Cotswolds, where there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

With so many quaint villages and breathtaking walks to discover, you might want to create a plan when it comes to your walking holiday. Choose your base carefully, then flit around the Cotswolds and enjoy the stunning scenery in all its natural glory.
Here we’ll look at some of the best options for walks in the Cotswolds, so you can head out with an idea of where to go and spend less time worrying about directions, more enjoying your trip.

The best Cotswolds walks for serious hikers

There are lots of options in the Cotswolds if you’re a keen walker looking for a challenge. Here are two of the most popular walks for serious hikers.
Cotswold Way
Cotswold Way is a national trail leading through the Cotswolds to the Roman city of Bath. We don’t expect you to cover the whole distance, certainly not in one day, though any portion of the journey is sure to be rewarding. Highlights include 35 varieties of aromatic lavender, stately homes, and historic battle sites.
Thames Path
Follow the most famous English river along this almost 300-kilometre path, which leads from the Cotswolds to the sea. You can hop on the Thames Path wherever is most convenient, enjoying peaceful meadows and postcard villages along the way.

Cotswold walks for laidback ramblers

If you aren’t interested in a long hike but want to enjoy some fresh air and beautiful scenery in this Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, you’ll find lots of options. There is a wealth of walking trails in the Cotswolds, so you’ll be able to jump onto one close to your base and discover plenty of greenery and picturesque views.

Hotels near the Cotswolds

When you’re planning your UK staycation this year, it can be a good idea to go with a hotel you can trust. We have lots of Accor accommodation options near the Cotswolds, so you can rely on the comfort and cleanliness of your hotel from the moment you book.
Choose a hotel in nearby Bristol, Bath, Gloucester, or Cheltenham, all close enough to explore all the best of the Cotswolds. These neighbouring towns and cities have plenty to offer during your trip, from museums and galleries to historical landmarks that can make your Cotswolds holiday even more exciting. 
While there’s so much to see on a Cotswolds walking holiday, choosing an urban hotel means you can easily enjoy a backup plan should the weather turn against you. Ensure your trip goes off without a hitch when you book an Accor hotel this year.

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