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Experience Brussels as a bird

8 best views of Brussels

Enjoy the view from a park, terrace or an ancient rooftop

Brussels offers some exceptional vantage points to enjoy a beautiful panorama of the city. Go to the park, climb a hill or take the elevator to the roof of an ancient building and be amazed by the best views of Brussels. Watch over the Grand Place and Manneken Pis, and experience Brussels like a bird. Explore our list of best views in Brussels and fall in love with the lively capital of Belgium!

Atomium, the most famous building in Brussels
Atomium, the most famous building in Brussels

The Atomium

The best and most famous viewpoint of Brussels is, without a doubt, the Atomium. This work (of art) offers the most beautiful panorama of the Belgian capital and an unforgettable experience. You take one of the fastest elevators in Europe upwards, and at a speed of five meters per second you will get to a 360-degree viewpoint overlooking the lawns of the royal estates: the lanes Zaventem! On a clear day, you can even see the tower of the Cathedral of Antwerp in the distance. In the highest sphere of the Atomium is a restaurant for some freshly ground coffee and a pastry, and again, with a beautiful view of Brussels in the background.
Tip: order your tickets online to avoid a long queue at the checkout, so you’ll have more time to explore Brussels!

Restaurant of The Hotel

There is a magnificent restaurant on the 26th floor of The Hotel. From this high viewpoint, you overlook most of the city, including the beautiful Egmont Park. Although The Hotel is, not surprisingly, a hotel, it’s also open for other guests to enjoy some culinary food and great wines. Forget the bustle of the city for a moment while enjoying a snack and a drink with a breath-taking view over Brussels.
The Art Nouveau building Old England
The Art Nouveau building Old England
The characteristic streets of Brussels
The characteristic streets of Brussels

Terrace of the MIM

Atop the Old England department store is, again, a restaurant. But before you go right up there, we recommend to give the building itself some attention, and especially the Musical Instrument Museum that’s located inside! Imagine yourself in a time and place where the great composers Mozart and Bach were still alive, surrounded by no less than 9,000 musical instruments - that's already a great view, right! After that, enjoy a delicious sandwich on the terrace, fantasize about what instrument you want to play next, and take notice of the stunning architecture of this Art Nouveau building. It really comes to life beautifully with its mixture of metal and wood in this open place with lots of windows – the ideal location overlooking the centre of Brussels, we’d say.
Tip: July 21st is a national holiday in Belgium – dine on the terrace while overlooking the city with beautiful, colourful firework shows around you!
A peaceful view of Brussels
A peaceful view of Brussels

Basilica of Koekelberg

The Basilica of Koekelberg is a historic building and houses two museums with religious art and bourgeois interior: the Museum of the Black Sisters and the Museum of Modern Religious Art. In the Basilica of Koekelberg, you can get a tour of the rich history of the building, which ends at the outside gallery at the dome. From a height of 52 meters, you overlook Brussels and even the surrounding districts – it truly provides a wonderful panoramic photo opportunity!

The lift of the Marolles

When you’re in the centre of Brussels, head over towards the courthouse for a royal experience. Between the imposing palace and the popular area Marolles, there is a lift that goes up and down almost 600 times a day. Go up to get a unique view over the narrow streets of downtown Brussels. If you have the opportunity, take the elevator during sunset. The setting really creates some beautiful colours and shadows over the city, like you’re walking straight out of a fairy tale!
Avoid big crowds at the park
Avoid big crowds at the park

Les Jardins Suspendus

If you go to Brussels by car, park your vehicle in the garage of Parking 58. The top floor offers a magical view of Brussels, transforming itself into "Les Jardins Suspendus" – a roof terrace with a lawn, designer garden furniture, some tropical palm trees and, of course, cocktails. In this exotic atmosphere with tropical music playing in the background, you will be able to fully enjoy the sunset while sipping on a delicious mojito. Les Jardins Suspendus is the place to be in Brussels during the hot summer days! (Open only during summer) 
Stunning architecture at the Cinquantenaire
Stunning architecture at the Cinquantenaire

Triumphal arch in the Parc du Cinquantenaire

In the Cinquantenaire you escape the hustle and bustle of Brussels city centre. In this park, you walk along the colourful flower beds and small ponds towards the impressive triumphal arch. This colossal triumphal arch connects two wings of a gigantic palace, which is an absolute must see! Enjoy the view on the skyline of Brussels while walking through the top floor of the Army Museum.

Royal Library

Do you prefer the lively, hectic crowd of the centre of Brussels? Then move towards the Grand Palace, known as the “Grote Markt” in Belgian. At this chaotic - but atmospheric - central square of Brussels, is the Royal Library located. Take the elevator to the fifth floor in the library, and be surprised by the breath-taking view of the centre of Brussels. You overlook the Grand Place all the way to Koekelberg, the previously mentioned basilica. During the summer months, the roof terrace is also open; here you can try a pretty good, typical Belgian waffle!

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