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A Guide to Visiting Chester Zoo

Animal-lovers young and old can enjoy a day out at Chester Zoo. It’s one of the best in the UK and does lots of work for the animals as part of the mission. So every visit means supporting conservation projects and research. Not to mention lots of smiles and memories along the way. Read on for all the information you might need while you’re planning your visit.

Conservation work at Chester Zoo

The team at Chester Zoo are passionate about helping to preserve wildlife on our planet. They’re involved with pioneering research that aims to reduce and one day prevent extinction worldwide. 
Specialists use science to identify the problems the natural world is facing today. At the same time, conservation research helps improve the lives of animals at the zoo, making Chester Zoo a perfect attraction for true animal lovers. 

Getting there

The zoo is super-easy to get to, just follow motorway towards Chester and look out for brown zoo signs as you approach the city. There’s free on-site parking for visitors, so you can be sure your day out will start smoothly. If you’re staying in nearby Chester or Liverpool, you can hop on a bus to the zoo and let somebody else do the driving for you! 

Chester Zoo opening times

Chester Zoo is open every day from 10am. The Diamond Jubilee Quarter at the main entrance opens its doors half an hour earlier, so you can head inside and grab a cup of tea before the central zoo opens.  
Wondering how long to spend at Chester Zoo? We recommend setting aside the entire day for your visit. There are lots of animals waiting to meet you! Full opening and closing times can be found here

Chester Zoo’s exciting exhibits

There’s so much to see at Chester Zoo, you’ll need to plan your day carefully to make sure you can fit everything in! 
Our zoo highlights include: 
• Madagascar 
• Spirit of the Jaguar 
• Realm of the Red Ape 
• Tropical Realm 
• Fruit Bat Forest 
• Butterfly Journey 
Make sure you pick up a map when you arrive and take a minute to plan your route. There are plenty of spots to stop for a bite to eat playtime, so take your time and enjoy all that the zoo has to offer. 

Animals at Chester Zoo

Over 21,000 animals live at Chester Zoo, and there are 125-acres of zoological gardens to discover. Looking to meet someone in particular? The zoo’s most famous animals include: 
• Andean bear 
• Black lemur 
• Black rhino 
• Bornean orangutan 
• Cheetah 
• Chimpanzee 
• Elephant 
• Giraffe 
• Greater one-horned rhino 
• Jaguar 
• Komodo dragon 
• Red panda 
• Sumatran orangutan 
• Tiger 
It’s reassuring to see how much Chester Zoo cares about all the animals, with conservation work sitting proudly at the forefront. By visiting the zoo, you’re helping with the great work the team are doing there while enjoying some educational fun as a family – what’s not to love? 

Chester Zoo’s plants and gardens

Explore award-winning gardens during your day at Chester Zoo and discover a passion for exotic and unusual plants. There’s a national cacti collection, a garden of Madagascan grasses, and a beautiful bee garden, as well as more colourful corners that are perfect for a little quiet time and reflection. 

Facilities at Chester Zoo

If you’re planning to spend a full day at Chester Zoo, you’ll be glad to learn there are lots of facilities to make your time more enjoyable. Grab lunch or snacks from the food court or one of the cafés around the zoo. Use toilets in many locations, and pick up fun souvenirs from the gift shop. 
With so much to see and do at Chester Zoo, it’s no wonder it’s one of the north west’s premier family attractions. Enhance your trip and reduce travel time by staying the night in nearby Chester or Liverpool. We have Accor hotels to suit every budget and party, so you can rest assured your stay will be perfect from the moment you arrive. 

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