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5 tips and tricks to survive a festival!

Useful for both beginners and festival experts

Music, dance and culture… Can’t wait to dance in the sun or enjoy your favourite band? The festival season is open again! This summer, the best festivals are taking place in the UK. Are you going to one of the many big or small festivals? Then these handy tips and tricks are for you. You’ll then be all set and sure to survive the festival season!

Ticket and accommodation: Book early!

It goes without saying that it’s very important to order your tickets in good time, so that not only are you assured of your admission to the festival, but you also score an early bird discount – win-win! The best way to stay informed about sales is to subscribe to your favourite festival’s newsletter. Also, think about your accommodation. A campsite close to the festival entrance sounds ideal. You can get back to your tent during the festival, but this campsite is also often the noisiest. 
Do you need more sleep? Then book a hotel for the festival period. But be quick; you are, of course, not the only one who prefers a comfortable bed to an air mattress. The advantage of staying in a hotel is that you can take a nice shower after a day at the festival. You can also take a whole suitcase of festival outfits and toiletries with you so that you always look great!
Festival camping
young people on hotel bed during festival season

The perfect festival outfit

Speaking of festival outfits, do you already know what to bring? Nothing is as unpredictable as the weather in Belgium and the Netherlands! One minute you feel like you could be riding a camel in the Sahara, and the next it’s all puddles of mud. Make sure your suitcase is full of comfortable clothing. It is also best to wear layers: that way, the changeable weather can’t spoil the fun. When it comes to footwear, choose shoes that can take a beating and get dirty – mud at a festival is not unheard of!

Extra battery or mobile phone

Imagine losing your friends in the crowd at a festival site and then your phone dies! We recommend you take a portable battery with you to charge your mobile phone. Fortunately, most festival sites are equipped with a number of charging points, or you can rent a power bank that you can carry with you throughout the festival. 
Would you rather not walk around with too many or too expensive electronics? Then get the indestructible Nokia 3310 back out of the drawer. This technological marvel simply survives everything! Depending on the condition of the device, the battery can last up to three days. This way, you’ll be reachable for the entire festival.
Friends at a music festival

Sleep and Eat

A festival lasting several days can be very tiring. The programme often lasts until the small hours of the morning, and some festival-goers attach more value to a good night’s sleep than others. This is when earplugs come in handy! Do you prefer comfort to sleeping amidst the party noise? Then book a hotel near the festival site
Either way, start the day with a hearty and nutritious breakfast to get you started. In the rush to get a good spot front and centre to see your favourite artist, you might find you don’t have enough time to eat a proper meal. So plan ahead to be able to score a tasty breakfast at one of the many food stalls before the set starts. Or enjoy the breakfast buffet at your hotel, so that you don’t end up leaving for the festival on an empty stomach!

Partying on a budget

The cost of attending a festival can quickly add up. There are also tips and tricks on how to keep costs down. The food at the festival site itself is often not cheap. So take your own groceries with you when you stay at a festival campsite and enjoy the meals there. If you stay in a nearby hotel, you will save money if your stay includes breakfast. A good start to the day is half the battle anyway!
It may also be worthwhile to take a spare drink bottle with you. At festivals, snacks and water cost a fortune. Bartenders are required to remove the caps of water bottles before serving the drinks. As a result, the bottles either have to be emptied in one go or are often thrown away half-full. So save money and water by bringing your own cap. Collect a number of caps from different brands at home, so that there will always be one that fits!
Girl on bike at camping

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