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10 Things to Do in Stockholm's Old Town Gamla Stan

Planning a visit to Stockholm? Make sure you head to the city’s picturesque old town, Gamla Stan, for its cobbled streets, colourful historical buildings, and a taste of centuries gone by.

Gamla Stan is one of the biggest and best-preserved medieval city centres in Europe, drawing tourists from all over the world to Stockholm year after year. Home to the Storkyrkan cathedral and the Royal Palace, history buffs, Instagrammers, and vibe-seekers should visit Gamla Stan while in the city. There’s something for everyone to enjoy!
Struggling to work out your itinerary? Here are our top ten things to do in Gamla Stan:

1. Visit the Royal Palace

One of the largest places in Europe, Stockholm’s Royal Palace boasts five museums and is a must-visit on any trip to the city. Mostly built during the 18th century, the palace showcases the Italian Baroque style of architecture, ideal for history buffs and Instagrammers alike. Visitors can explore reception rooms with intricate interiors, and various impressive halls and galleries.

2. And explore the Royal Chapel

Don’t miss the elegant Royal Chapel at the Royal Palace, which boasts architecture, décor, and artwork by historical masters. The Chapel is one of the oldest parts of the Royal Palace, having been there since the 1200s, and still has its own parish today.

3. Check out the Swedish Parliament building

The Riksdagshuset, the Swedish parliament house, is open to anyone who wants to visit or attend a debate. You can head there for guided tours and learn about Sweden’s government and how the country is run. What better way to settle into the city?

4. Explore the Storkyrkan Cathedral

The city’s medieval cathedral was built in 1279 and is home to a collection of unique treasures including St George and the Dragon Sculpture.

5. Visit the Nobel Prize Museum

This small museum occupies the ex-stock exchange building in Gamla Stan and features a unique collection of items from subject areas including science, literature, and peace. Explore the history of award winners for a memorable time in the old town.

6. See Stortorget Square

You can’t miss Stortorget Square, the central square in Gamla Stan and the oldest square in Stockholm. Bordered by colourful townhouses which date back to the Middle Ages, it’s the perfect place to catch a picture, and a great base if you’re travelling in a large group.

7. Step back in time at Medeltidsmuseet

This Gamla Stan museum tells the story of the city’s ride and development and is built around three ancient remains. Visit the underground site and explore 1,000 medieval objects.

8. Eat at one of Gamla Stan’s best restaurants

There are plenty of great places to eat and drink in Gamla Stan, and with something on offer for every taste, we’re sure you’ll be spoilt for choice! Here are some of the best restaurants in Gamla Stan:

9. Walk down Mårten Trotzigs grand

Take the time to walk down Mårten Trotzigs grand, the narrowest street in Stockholm with the narrowest point at just 90 centimetres!

10. Shop on Österlånggatan

Make your way to Österlånggatan, a pretty cobbled street of independent shops, cafés, and restaurants, and mooch around. It’s the perfect place to pick up souvenirs and gifts.
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