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Our tips to discover Sion

#insiderTips 10 - ibis Sion Est Hotel

Planning a trip to Sion? Our team revealed some of the city’s secrets. Check out these tips from David, Annette, Anja and Mexhid!

#insiderTips 10 - Explore Sion with the ibis Sion Est Hotel team - ibis Sion Est Hotel

Sion raclette

Sion’s culinary treasures
For our team, Sion’s famous raclette, made with alpine pasture cheese, is simply unforgettable. Add some rye bread, cured meats and raclette cheese to your suitcase to enjoy at home.
Sweet tooths will be sated at the Zenhäusern bakery, which sells Valais apricot tarts and chocolate croissants. Le Lucas is another great place: Its gianduja has the team’s stamp of approval.

picnic sion

Where is Sion’s hidden treasure?
The verdict is unanimous: Cours Roger Bonvin, a space designed for family outings and picnics located above the gallery that runs through the city of Sion. Another peaceful haven is the islands. It’s a perfect spot on the hot days so common in the Valais region.  
What languages are spoken in your city?  
French is the official language, but Sion is the capital of a bilingual canton. For this reason, German is omnipresent in daily life here.  

What do you think is Sion’s most emblematic monument? 
The Valère Basilica, in our view. It is home to the world’s oldest playable organ! Another not-to-be-missed spot is Chateau de Tourbillon, a beautiful building constructed and lived in by a Savoyard bishop, Boniface de Challant. Both of these monuments are lit up and set to music in the summer.  
Any local celebrities?  
Sion has several celebrities. The comedian Frédéric Recrosio, for example, was born and lives in Sion.  Writer Maurice Zermatten and Steve Locher, Olympic medal winner and world ski champion, also live here.   
A not-to-be-missed event?
With Sion Under the Stars, the Wine Garden event, and the Guinness Irish Festival, there’s something for everyone! 
What’s the most incredible thing you’ve seen in your city?  
The self-operating shuttles, definitely! Hop in one to explore a section of the city without a driver!  
What are some typical expressions in Sion?
Sentences often end with “ou quoi”, or “ou bien” here. Some of the most common Valais local expressions are: “C’est qui çui-ci”, “Ça va le chalet?” “T’es le fils à qui?” or “Tchô bonne!” . And there’s of course: “T’as où les vignes?”, or ‘where are your vines?’ Asked by one Valais local meeting another, to know exactly where he or she lives in the canton. At meals, you often hear: “Beau pays mais sec!” (Nice country, but dry!) meaning one’s glass is empty!

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