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Weekend Markets in Manila

Saturday and Sunday Shopping in the Philippine Capital

From the relaxed Salcedo Saturday Market to the sprawling Sidcor Sunday Market, there’s a market for every type of shopper in Manila.

market in manila

Filipinos love to shop, as evidenced by Manila’s whopping array of markets selling all sorts of merchandise. So shop like a local and pick out your favourite from our list of markets below.

Rock up early so as not to miss out on bargains. A friendly greeting to a concessionaire goes a long way to driving a bargain, so don’t be shy in striking up a conversation.

Greenfield Weekend Market

When: 4pm to midnight on Saturdays
Greenfield Weekend Market’s compact size and range of quirky stalls make it conducive for an evening of bargain-hunting. This is a vintage collector’s paradise, with stalls selling classic vinyl records, vintage books and antique accessories.
Make sure to arrive at opening time to have the market to yourself. Food stalls like K-Fry and Kentako offer bite-sized snacks to keep you going as you shop.

Sidcor Sunday Market

When: 6am to 2pm on Sundays
With over 300 stalls, this sprawling market is where bargain-hunters can go wild. In addition to a farmers’ market selling fresh produce, Sidcor also offers local clothing, handicrafts and ceramics at wholesale prices. 
Its numerous options of must-try treats also make Sidcor a gastronome’s delight.

Salcedo Saturday Market

When: 7am to 2pm on Saturdays
Salcedo Market, nestled in the heart of Makati City, has an easy charm and a more relaxed atmosphere than some of Manila’s more crowded markets. Feast on traditional local delicacies, along with food from all over the world. This place also offers the best selection of vegetarian/vegan-friendly products we’ve seen in the capital. The market is child-friendly too, ideal for a relaxing day out with family.

Legazpi Sunday Market

When: 7am to 2pm on Sundays 
Legazpi Market has a cosy vibe as it is comparatively smaller than Manila’s other markets. What it lacks in size, it makes up for in substance with its diverse selection of merchandise, including wet goods and tasty snacks. We recommend trying out Evet Köfte’s meatballs and Hainanese chicken rice, followed by Adam’s ice cream.

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