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Your Family Friendly Guide to the Sydney Ashes Test

If you're a mum or dad planning on visiting Sydney for The Ashes, you might be a bit concerned about some of the raucous behaviour often displayed by excited fans. Fortunately, there are plenty of safe places to enjoy the games while you're in Sydney - here are just a few ideas.

At the venue

The Ashes tests at Sydney Cricket Grounds will take place from January 3 to 7, and though most of these days will be a bit too rowdy for families, there is one day that's perfect for young ones.

Day three of the Ashes Test, which this year falls on January 5, is Toyota Family Day. Kids get in free, and there are plenty of activities to keep youngsters entertained - since cricket games can be long events.

The family-friendly zone, known as "The Outfield," is set up just outside the Grounds, and will offer fun activities such as face painting, balloon animal crafting, and free prizes. Kids will even have the chance to test out their own cricket skills!

At a restaurant or hotel

There are many pubs and restaurants in Sydney that will be showing the games - in fact, it's safe to say you won't be able to avoid seeing the match while you're out and about. The best bet to find a venue that is family-friendly is to think carefully about the neighbourhood you select - opt for Balmain or Manly Vale.

Of course, you could always order in some snacks and enjoy the match from the comfort of your hotel!

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