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Why you should see 'Luminous' in Darling Harbour

Does a visit to a gorgeous seaside light display sound a bit like you and your family? Darling Harbour pulls out all the stops for this dazzling display, so bundle up the kids and book your Sydney accommodation to see Luminous, a spectacular LED light show.

Watch your children's faces light up in awe of the 557 LEDs that make up this shimmering 150-metre digital facade. It has taken 12 months of collaborative work from creator Bruce Ramus and several other players, and is just another step in the rejuvenation of the Darling Quarter, which is home to numerous restaurants, cafes and attractions. The display an ode to public art, to communication and to play, and is the world's largest interactive light installation. The giant facade shows a plethora of colour and light, moving seamlessly from deep blues to vibrant greens, sunny yellows and ethereal purples. The phases switch slowly, then quickly as they roll across the screen in mesmerising patterns. With each formation as captivating as the last, you'll find it hard to look away. Aside from the visual feast on offer, one of the best parts of this attraction is that it is completely powered by 100 per cent renewable energy. The LEDs get their power from solar panels on the roof, all of which shows the forward-thinking and environmentally minded goals of the designers and players involved in this creation. Simply head to Harbour Street after 7.30pm Tuesdays through Sundays to catch all the action. As you wait for the show to start, check out the free kids playground and the community green, and grab yourselves something warm and delicious from one of the fresh food takeaway outlets nearby to be ready with a picnic dinner when the facade lights up.

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