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Wet 'N Wild Opens in Sydney

If you've already visited Sydney to see the iconic Opera House or enjoy the culture of the city on the harbour, it's time to plan another trip, because there's a new attraction that is a dream come true for families. Wet 'N Wild, Australia's best waterpark, has opened a new location about 35 minutes outside of Sydney, and it offers 40 slides and other attractions to keep you and your family entertained for a whole day of fun.

What to do

The main attractions at Wet N' Wild Sydney are the slides themselves. You can let out your competitive side on the H20 Go Racers, a series of water slides side by side that allow you and your family to race to the bottom.

If you'd rather do something as a group, the Double BOWLSEYE is for you. This giant funnel-like slide allows groups to sit in a big, circular tube as they go round and round until they reach the center.

Looking for something that will get your adrenaline pumping? Check out the halfpipe, a large, flat slide that sends you soaring up 16 meters, then back down. Or you can take on the Typhoon, a two-person ride that looks like a giant tube in which you oscillate back and forth until you slide out.

If you have young ones in the family, don't worry - there are plenty of rides that are perfectly suitable for kids. For example, little ones can wade in the park's giant wave pool or head to Boomerang Bay, a half-kilometre-long river, perfect when you want to relax and take it easy.

Where to stay

There are a number of hotels nearby Wet N' Wild, or if you want to see more of Sydney, you can stay in the city itself. You can easily rent a car and drive there, or you can take a shuttle from the Parramatta Transit Centre.

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