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Visiting Perth with the family? Try these fun activities

There's a lot more to Perth than the beach. If you're travelling to Western Australia's capital city with your family, then you'll need to find something to help keep your kids entertained. Lucky for you, we have a few activities in mind that will be fun for the whole family

Whiteman Park

If your kids enjoy the great outdoors and seeing wild animals up close and personal, there's no better place to visit than Whiteman Park Recreation and Conservation Reserve. There are heaps of activities that will be fun for the young ones in your group, but the one we recommend most is the Birds of Prey Flying display. During this thrilling show, kids will be able to watch eagles, falcons, kites and owls flying right over their heads. It's perfectly safe and affordable too - children get in for only $6.


A holiday to a new city can get kids wound up, and sometimes parents just want to find a place where they can burn off some of that excess energy. If you're in Perth, look no further than BOUNCE Inc., a unique attraction that will definitely leave your kids breathless. This indoor entertainment facility features "over 100 interconnected trampolines and 500 square metres of padding and foam to land on," according to its website. The space encourages "free jumping", which allows visitors to bounce around without worrying about where they land.

Western Australian Museum

A lot of kids may moan and groan when you suggest spending part of their holiday at a museum, but once they learn what sort of exhibits can be found at the Western Australian Museum, they'll change their tune.  The museum is home to an entire exhibit on Shipwrecks, so kids will love exploring some of the giants that once sat at the bottom of the sea.
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