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Victoria's best winter surf spots

Unless you're allergic to a little cold water, the fact that it's getting closer to winter is no reason to pack away your surfboard for the cooler months. In fact, the surf in Australia is fantastic year-round, and you're less likely to experience crowds and other surfers stealing that perfect wave this season - all you need to do is pack a wetsuit! That's why we say winter is a great time to head on a surf escape. Whether you're a beginner or used to riding a gnarly swell, there are plenty of super surfing spots in Victoria - here are two of the best!


This beachside town is known as the surf capital of Australia, and is home to many prime surfing spots. One of the most renowned is the famed Bells Beach, which is the site for the annual Rip Curl Pro surf competition. According to Melbourne's official tourism webpage, the right hand breaks of this bay are at their best in autumn and winter. However, it is recommended only experienced surfers try to catch these massive waves, as it's known to get a little rough! Don't write off Torquay if you're still getting to grips with catching a wave, though - there are other beaches in the area that are perfect for those a little less experienced! Fisherman's Beach in Zeally Bay is a good option for quieter breaks, however the waves can get large in winter, so it's best to check the conditions beforehand and take an experienced companion with you. There are also plenty of surf schools in the area, where you can easily grab a lesson or hire a board.

Phillip Island

This island is great for all abilities, as there are a few beaches offering different levels of surf. Smith's Beach is a sheltered area that offers consistent and easy breaks perfect for beginners. It's known for being a little crowded during summer, so winter is the perfect time to visit. Experienced surfers are better suited to Woolamai Beach, where waves can reach up to 2.5 metres for a little thrill!
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