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Unique things to do in Perth

Let’s take a look at some of the most fun and unique things to do in Perth so that you can plan your next trip!

Perth is one of the most beautiful and exciting places to visit. Both Australians and visitors from overseas can find something new and exciting to experience in Perth that they won’t find anywhere else.

Visit Heirisson Island

Did you know, Perth has its own Kangaroo Island, more commonly known as Heirisson Island
On Heirisson Island, you can visit the kangaroos that call the island home. The island is a great opportunity to experience Western Australia’s native flora and fauna—something you won’t find elsewhere in Australia and one of the best, unique things to do in Perth. 
The Optus Stadium in Perth
Visit the Optus Stadium for events or for a unique perspective on Perth Image via Tourism WA

Walk up to the roof of Optus Stadium

When you walk on top of Optus Stadium, you will be experiencing Perth as you have never experienced it before. In fact, it is unlikely that you have ever seen anything like this. The new tour offered at Optus Stadium allows you to walk up 78 steps all the way to the roof of Optus Stadium. 
From there, you will be able to lean off the edge for a fun photo, or simply enjoy the stunning view. While you walk up, you will also be told about how the stadium was built, how it works, and what games are played here. If this sounds like fun to you, then you should definitely give this experience a chance. 
Of course, for those who prefer to keep their feet planted firmly on the ground, there are still plenty of unique Perth experiences you can enjoy at Optus Stadium. Many Perth events visit the stadium, including international and national sporting spectacles, live music, and more!
A family enjoying one of the most unique things to do in Perth - the Blue Boatshed
The iconic Blue Boatshed makes for a fun destination for a day out with family and friends Image via Tourism WA

Walk the jetty to the Blue Boat House

The Blue Boat House or Crawley Edge Boatshed, is quite possibly the most photographed and Instagrammed place in Perth. While this might seem odd from the outset, it’s not hard to see why people love the boatshed as a backdrop once you see it in person. The blue building perfectly complements the river below and the sky above. 
If you’re planning to snap a pic, you might want to get there as early as possible.

Spin for Gin

There is no denying that Perth is home to many cool bars. However, without a doubt, one of the coolest is The Flour Factory, also known as heaven for lovers of gin. This awesome bar has over 100 types of gin on offer. 
If you’re keen to try a few, try out the Spin for Gin wheel! All you need to do is take a spin or two and see what you get!

Get Spooked at the Fremantle Prison

Ask anyone, Fremantle Prison is one of the best places to visit in Perth. It’s full of history, features eye-catching architecture, and it’s completely spooky. 
A tour of Fremantle Prison gives you an insight into the history. You’ll be able to experience the tales of the prisoners, as well as the grounds of the prison itself. After all, the facility is a World Heritage-listed site. 
The tours range from insights into some of the most notorious inmates and convicts to punting through subterranean tunnels. There is also a range of spooky torchlight tours offered. If spooky history is your thing, this is truly the place to be.
The Fremantle Markets, Perth
Visit the Fremantle Markets for fresh produce, live entertainment, and more Image via Tourism WA

Browse the Fremantle Markets

While we’re still on the topic of Fremantle, we can’t go past the Fremantle Markets. Established in 1897, these markets are a must-see destination for absolutely everyone. Whether you’re looking for tasty treats, fresh produce, or a simple walk through unique stalls, this market has everything. 
 Enjoy a perfect Sunday, eating your way through the various cuisines at the market, browsing artisan giftware, and watching some live music. Grab a warm coffee or some cold ice cream and chow down on some delicious street food and enjoy a fun day spent with loved ones.
A couple enjoying the unique Perth street art
Visit the Fremantle Markets for fresh produce, live entertainment, and more Image via Tourism WA

Take in the unique street art in Perth

Just walking around Perth, you’ll quickly notice the city is decorated with unique street art and murals. The Perth urban art scene is always evolving, with new artworks appearing across the city regularly. 
Wander through the Perth CBD and Fremantle and you’ll find some impressive pieces, laid bare on the city streets. Scroll through #PerthStreetArt, and you’ll see plenty of pieces that you might come across as you enjoy this unique Perth activity.
If you haven’t yet visited Perth, you are certainly missing out on all the unique things to do in Perth! This city and all of the surrounding areas are full of exciting activities and things to see. So choose your Perth accommodation and start planning your wander out yonder to Western Australia.
Lead image via Tourism Western Australia.

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