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Transport tips: Make your way around Sydney

There's no doubt you'll have a long list of attractions, activities and events on your itinerary to tick off when you head away on your next holiday. With a limited time frame, it's important you fit in as much as possible - and the last thing you want is to be held up by getting to and from your destinations! That's why it's not only important to plan what you're going to do in your Aussie destination of choice - it's equally important to plan how you're going to get there. Here's a guide on the various types of transport you can use to get around Sydney:


A relaxing ride on the crystal clear water of the Sydney Harbour is more than a way to get around - it's also an experience in itself! Ferries depart from various points around the city, including Darling Harbour, Mosman Bay, Taronga Zoo and Eastern Suburbs. You can then cruise the harbour to various points of interest or a set destination of your choice, or simply enjoy a sunny ride around the sparkling waters with a view of the Sydney cityscape.

City Circle train

This underground train service is a popular way of getting around some of Sydney's most iconic attractions from one of six stations in various locations in the city, including Central, Townhall and Wynyard stations.


Relive your school days with a ride on public transport! Use a general public transport service to get around the city or to slightly further destinations including the Eastern Suburbs, Western Sydney and southwestern Sydney, or invest in a 'Hop-on Hop-off' bus tour of the city's main attractions - it will even head out to Bondi Beach!


Travelling by bike is one of the most romantic and relaxed ways to get around. This is a perfect option if your destination is just a little too far to walk to comfortably. You'll be able to stop as you wish to check out other spots on the way, and bike riding is also a great way to relive your childhood! What's more, this option is affordable and fun. There are plenty of bike rentals in Sydney, and you can even book a guided tour of the city hotspots. 


Catching a cab is a convenient and viable option when you need to get somewhere really specific or out of reach. You can simply hail one in the street, call a company to book one in advance, or find one at a designated taxi stand around the city. If the light on top of the taxi is on, it's available for you to use. However, keep in mind taxis can be costly - you may well be able to find a way to reach your destination via more affordable public transport.

Rental car

For the ultimate freedom and the ability to go wherever you want, a rental car is a great option. Having your own vehicle is handy in the sense that you don't have to work around a timetable and can leave at your leisure. However, this mode of transport is definitely more costly than the others, and there may be certain restrictions in place according to the rental company you deal with. As an example, Europcar rentals may charge a surcharge for "young drivers", and will need to have held a licence valid in Australia for at least one year.

Your own two feet

If you choose your hotel wisely and stay in the heart of the city, within close reach of most of the attractions you're planning to see, using your own two feet to get around is an easy (and environmentally friendly) option. Walking also gives you a perspective you may not have when whizzing by on public transport, so you could discover secret spots to stop in and visit on the way. You're truly at leisure as to where and when you want to travel. Attractions within walking distance of the city include the Sydney Harbour Bridge, Sydney Opera House and Royal Botanic Gardens.

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