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Thrilling skydiving spots

Australia's gorgeous views may be enough for some from ground level, but adventure seekers might like to take things a little bit higher. Skydiving is an activity that's not for the faint hearted, but it's certainly a load of fun as you spiral through the sky with the wind rushing past at a crazy speed. We've rounded up some of the best skydiving spots in Australia. All you need to do is head along to the one that appeals the most then get set to feel the wind in your hair!

Mission Beach

Located in the Sunshine State, Mission Beach is a popular skydiving spot.

Jump The Beach offers a range of skydiving packages, and the options located near the far-north Queensland city of Cairns are certainly something to jump up and down about.

Lush rainforests and well as coral reefs are typical in this area. The stunning scenery makes Mission Beach the ideal backdrop for a skydiving adventure.

A 14,000 tandem skydive offers as much as 60 seconds of freefall. There's also a solo skydiving course for the brave ones ready to leap from Jump The Beach's bright green Cessna Caravan aircraft!

Wollongong Beach

Another east coast hot spot, Wollongong Beach is located further south, in Sydney.

There are various companies offering breathtaking skydiving trips, from Skydive.com.au to Red Balloon.

The former offers a 15,000 jump above North Wollongong beach. 

You'll zoom through the air at over 200 km/h before your parachute billows above you, providing up to seven minutes of floating time as you take in the amazing views of the Sydney coastline.

No matter where you choose to take the leap of faith in Australia, you're sure to have a blast.

Most skydiving services offer digital photo and video services so you have a record of your time hurtling through the air at record speeds!

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